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Alicia’s Spice Co

Woman-owned and operated, ALICIA’S SPICE CO. was founded in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 2015 by Alicia Haddad.

With a focus on strict dietary needs, Alicia developed tasty recipes using wholesome ingredients, avoiding artificial preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. Guided by the principle “Feed Your Body Healthy,” Alicia’s Spice Co. ensures great flavors through quality, all-natural ingredients, proving that healthy food can be delicious!

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About The Brand

From the time she could walk, founder Alicia Haddad has been playing and experimenting with recipes. At a young age she began cooking, baking and canning in the kitchen with her Grandmother, Leta. The bond between family and food is the root of Alicia’s Spice Co.

This lifelong passion for great food has driven her venture into creating a healthy, all-natural, gluten free, vegan, woman-owned, sauce and spice company! Alicia’s Spice Co. was founded with only one goal in mind. “Feed Your Body Healthy.” This is the guiding principle behind all products and development of their recipes. 


How do we get Alicia's Spice Co in our store?
  • For wholesale orders, simply fill out the form on our website
Is Alicia's Spice Co Women-Owned?
  • Yes, Alicia’s Spice Co. is a Certified Women-owned and operated business! Learn more at
Aren't all spices Keto Certified?
  • According to the Paleo Foundation, there are many hidden ingredients in spice products that will render them ineligible. However, Alicia’s Spice Co. is a Keto Certified line of spices, meaning it does not contain hidden ingredients!

Brand Recipes

Garlic Shrimp Skewers made with Alicia’s Spice Co Garlic Seasoning
Tzatziki sauce recipe made with Alicia’s Spice Co. Greek Herb Seasoning Blend
Alicia’s Spice Co Southwest Baked Potatoes and Onions Recipe
Creole Cauliflower recipe seasoned with Alicia’s Spice Co Creole Seasoning