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Do Vitamins

If you care about what you put in your body, we’re probably your new favorite supplement company.

Do Vitamins® is a boutique supplement brand specializing in ultra-clean sports nutrition for ingredient-conscious athletes, of all sports and standings. We take our products and their development extremely seriously, but not ourselves. Health is the big picture here, and we believe in proactive health: nutritious food, fun exercise, friends, family, laughter – and of course – clean, high-quality, tested supplements.

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About the Brand

We began Doing Vitamins as a reaction to a huge disconnect in thinking. Advancements in conscious eating and workout performance were simply unmet by vitamin and sport supplement companies. Eat obsessively for optimal athletic performance, yet supplement with untested, chemically-laden trash? Meh, no thanks. Sports nutrition, for the last 50 years, was (and still is) being sold by touting how “extreme” it is, and how close to performance-enhancing drugs it can be, by using photos of bodybuilders on steroids. We think this is false advertising, sometimes called: lying.

Second, we also knew that the lies were catching up with the supplement industry. In 2015, herbal products for sale in national chains were tested and contained none of the ingredients listed on their label! The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate dietary supplements the same way it regulates pharmaceutical drugs, a fact which has led to much misunderstanding, consumer distrust, and shameful exploitation. We Do Vitamins because we believe in the incredible benefit of good supplements. Good supplements can be the difference in winning a game, or breaking a record, or lifting the weight that makes you feel like your best self. In some cases, quality vitamins can even mean the difference between life and death.


How do I know if Do Vitamins are right for me?
  • If you’ve ever said any of the following: “I care about what I put in my body.” “I eat for performance.” “I want the cleanest supplements made!” “I don’t trust supplement companies.” “What the heck does proprietary blend mean!?”
How do Do Vitamins taste?
  • PurePump Unflavored is the standout, it is very bitter. Please see the product page for more details. PurePump Lemon has been formulated with 0.6 grams per serving of organic cane juice and crystallized lemon. It doesn’t drink like a soda, but it goes down nicely. PostPump and BCAA powders do not taste bad, but stand-alone they are quite plain. We recommend mixing them into your protein shake or smoothie for optimal taste and mix-ability. Our capsule products don’t require much explanation, down them and go! Without the fillers, excipients, artificial sweeteners, and other added ingredients commonly found in most supplements on the market our products don’t taste great or mix well. They are pure and designed for your health and performance.
How should I mix Do Vitamins powder?
  • A shaker bottle is best. PurePump pre-workouts we recommend less water. Think shot, not drink. PostPump and BCAA Powder – mixing is a little challenging stand-alone, which is why we recommend adding either powder to your protein shake or smoothie. Or, you could sprinkle it over your bowl of cereal if that’s how you like it.
What should I take and when?
  • PurePump: 15-30 minutes before training. If you get the tingles, you’ll know you’re ready. PumpPills: 30 minutes before training. PumpPills is a No-Stim pre-workout, or“lite” pre-workout. Capsule convenience for travel etc. Stack PurePump and PumpPills to get more pump ingredients without increasing the caffeine amount. PostPump: within 30 minutes after training. BCAA Powder/Capsules: Anytime if fortifying your diet. After training if focusing on recovery. VitaBeard: One serving daily with food.
Why do you test your products with third parties?
  • Repeat after me: “If they don’t test, it’s probably BS.”
Why do you call yourselves a "boutique"?
  • For a couple reasons, however, both are a function of size. We’re a small company, somewhat by design, somewhat by virtue of making things the mainstream does not. First off, boutiques are where you go for quality and/or performance. We are more akin to an automotive racing team or a speed shop: We don’t make mass-market cars, we make supercars and hot rods. Similarly, we aren’t making mass-market t-shirts – our supplements are like tailored suits or tactical clothing. The second reason comes down to customer service. We do our customer service in-house. When you shop at a boutique, you should be able to expect to work with someone both knowledgeable and professional, who will be there again and again. We don’t like impersonal, anonymous service – personal service by their own people keeps a business accountable. We think you should be able to buy vitamins the same way you go to a butcher instead of a grocery store, or buy shoes from a cordwainer, or rainbow chard from a farmer at a farmer’s market.