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Good Planet Foods

At GOOD PLANeT Foods, we make the best, yes, the B-E-S-T, plant-based cheeses. Anywhere. And since we really do think of our customers as our friends, we didn’t want to leave anyone out.

So, our cheese is great for everyone. It is vegan, dairy free, cruelty free, gluten free, non-GMO (SCS – 2020), (You still with us?) soy free, nut free, heck it’s even allergen free! Now nobody has to give up the taste or experience of cheese because, thanks to plants, we were able to do even better. The true experience and joy of cheese using plant-based and vegan ingredients that don’t compromise on melt, flavor, or texture!

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About the Brand

People are recognizing that a diet with a heavy emphasis on meat and dairy is just not sustainable for the planet, and in many cases for one’s health. There’s a desire to take action, however, life is meant to be enjoyed and food is one of the true joys of life. I founded GOOD PLANeT Foods to address this fundamental tension; to offer consumers the joy of food in sustainable, plant-based offerings. We started with one of the foods that gives consumers the most joy, and therefore is for many the most difficult to change, cheese.

Everything you love about cheese, but plant-based with key differences. By eating plant-based, you’re helping reduce the impact on our PLANeT’s natural resources. That means less water, land, and a fraction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to dairy-based products. We are just getting started in offering consumers the joy of cheese in multiple innovative formats, and there are more foods to come. Whether consumers come to GOOD PLANeT because of a dietary need, a commitment to being a vegan, or as a flexitarian who is trying to find ways to be PLANeT FRIENDLY, we are committed to surprising and delighting them.


Are GOOD PLANeT products free from common allergens?
  • All of our products are made for all to enjoy without worry. GOOD PLANeT products are free from gluten and common allergens. All GOOD PLANeT products are free from wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, egg, sesame, casein, sulfites, lupin, mustard, fish, shellfish, and crustaceans.
Do your products have any type of nuts, seeds, or legumes (peas, chickpeas, lima beans etc.)?
  • Our products do not contain any allergens from any type of nut or seed. Some of products do contain legume protein, please reference the packaging with any dietary limitations.
Do your products contain sesame or sunflower?
  • None of our products contain sesame, but there are extremely small quantities of sunflower oil. If you have a sunflower allergy, please consult your physician and exercise caution before testing our products for suitability.
Are your products Kosher?
  • All our cheese shreds and slices are certified Kosher; we are certified by the Orthodox Union.
Does your product contain any corn?
  • Our products do contain corn at a level that is less than 0.5%.
Are GOOD PLANeT products non-GMO?
  • All of our products are non-GMO.

Brand Recipes

For the holidays or for a weeknight appetizer, this recipe is perfect.
A fall recipe melted to perfect deliciousness.
Chili crisps with a cheesy sauce mixed together topping noodles.
Cheese wrapped in puff pastry for the bes snack!
Cheesy pumpkin bites filled with flavor and melty cheese.
The best, most juiciest burger topped with melted cheese.