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Haven’s Kitchen

Cooking is good for you and good for the planet. It can be fun, creative, and empowering. It has tremendous power to bring people together.

We’ve been helping people cook, not just follow recipes, since 2012, when Alison Cayne opened the Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School in NYC. For 8 years, we’ve been making cooking more fun and a lot easier, first with our classes, then with our cookbook, and now, with our squeezy sauces.

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About the Brand

Alison Cayne is owner of Haven’s Kitchen, a recreational cooking school, cafe and event space in Manhattan. Recognizing that improving our food system starts with showing people how to source and utilize sustainable ingredients, Alison conceptualized a school for the recreational cook that is both educational and comfortable.

Located in a charming carriage house just two blocks from the Union Square farmers market, Haven’s Kitchen emphasizes the pleasures of cooking, eating and entertaining. Before founding Haven’s Kitchen, Alison began working towards her Masters in NYU’s Food Studies program and worked with GrowNYC, educating school groups and visitors about the importance of regional ingredients and farming practices. Every day, Haven’s Kitchen teaches guests that eating sustainably is synonymous with eating well, and serves as a one-stop-shop for guests who want to learn about, experience and enjoy local and artisanal food. In addition to her work at Haven’s Kitchen and studying at NYU, Alison is on the boards of Just Food, Edible Schoolyard NYC and FERN (Food and Environmental Reporting Network).


Are Haven's Kitchen sauces gluten-free?
  • Yes! However, we make them in a facility that also produces products with gluten.
Are Haven's Kitchen sauces vegan?
  • Yes!
Are your pouches recyclable?
  • Yes! Our pouches are 100% recyclable through our partnership with TerraCycle. Even better news, pouches are a more sustainable packaging option than glass, releasing significantly fewer carbon emissions in production and transportation.
Are your sauces kosher?
  • All of our sauces are certified parve kosher.
Can your sauces be frozen?
  • While we recommend consuming the sauces fresh, it is safe to freeze. Color and consistency might be slightly different when thawed but they’re still delicious and taste how intended. Always shake well!
How long do they last? What about once they are opened?
  • We guarantee all sauce orders shipped will have an expiration date no less than 30 days from your delivery date. Once you open a pouch of sauce, we suggest consuming within 7 days. All sauces must be kept refrigerated and consumed by the best by date.

Brand Recipes

This easy one-pan chicken and veggie meal is perfect for make-ahead lunches
The air fryer and our Coconut Cashew sauce do all the work in this crispy, punchy side.
Cooking the perfect steak isn’t as hard as it seems.
A delicious creamy beet pasta that only has 7 ingredients and is easy to make!
Everything happens in the air fryer for this weeknight gingery miso salmon and broccoli dinner.
This vibrant dish is packed with healthy, nutrient-rich ingredients