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Health Garden of NY

Health Garden is dedicated to providing families across America the highest quality of all natural, low glycemic, Project Verified Non-GMO, gluten free, Kosher sweeteners.

Health Garden sweeteners do not contain artificial fillers and continue to be the foundation of wholesome meals without ever compromising on taste. As manager of a health food store, Joel Phillip met many people with diabetes and other chronic diseases related to sugar consumption. He noticed that, in addition to being unhealthy, these customers were unhappy. That was more than a decade ago. Joel decided to bring a little sweetness into their lives, in more ways than one. And so he founded Health Garden, which developed the first line of all-natural, low-glycemic sweeteners.

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About the Brand

Our founder Joel Phillip managed a health food store in Brooklyn, NY and got to know many people suffering from diabetes and other sugar-related sicknesses. Joel decides to do something about it the sugar-epidemic and launches the first family of low glycemic natural sweeteners. Health Garden starts distribution in the NY, NJ area. Demand for Health Garden products grows and the company expands its distribution channels to 100 stores.

Demand exceeds the capabilities of Health Garden’s initial operation and the company starts working with leading distributors. Products are now being sold in over 350 stores! Health Garden is the leading brand of natural sweeteners in the USA with our products being sold in over 750 stores across the country. We are continuing to stay focused on introducing new products in the sweeteners segment of the health market. Our company continues to grow and pursue opportunities to bring its products closer to you as the company strives to become a household name.


Are Health Garden products natural?
  • All Health Garden Products, without exception, are produced from 100% natural ingredients. We do not add any artificial flavoring, coloring, fillers or chemical sweetening agents. Exactly what the label reads is what you get.
Where do Health Garden products come from?
  • Health Garden travels the world to find the purest sources of natural sweeteners, such as Stevia, Xylitol, Erithrytol and similar non-sugar sweet plant extracts which have been used for centuries by civilizations across the world.
Why are Health Garden products better than other brands?
  • Health Garden does not take any short-cuts. Every one of our products is processed slowly and perfectly to ensure proper crystallization, balance and taste. The granules will all be smooth and evenly colored, unlike other brands that don’t properly mix and process the ingredients. This makes our quality and taste superior.
Do Health Garden products contain GMO?
  • No. Health Garden does not genetically modify any of the ingredients in any of its products. We are Project Verified Non-GMO.
Why are natural sweeteners better than artificial sweeteners?
  • Many studies have shown that artificial sweeteners have adverse health effects on children and adults. In fact, artificial sweeteners have recently been linked as a cause for diabetes in children. Health garden all natural sweeteners are perfectly safe for human consumption with no health side effects and are safe for diabetics and others on a low-Glycemic index diet.
Do Health Garden products contain gluten?
  • No. All of our products are 100% Gluten-free.

Brand Recipes

Delicious peanut butter with classic chocolate.
Your favorite classic cookie in bar form without gluten or sugar!
Fresh cabbage mixed with crunchy veggies for the ultimate summer recipe.
Flaky salmon paired with in-season veggies for this classic dinner