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Quality is our favourite flavor. KetoSkream is proud to be Canadian owned, Canadian operated, and Canadian manufactured.

Our main focus is to provide exceptional products using only high-quality clean ingredients and stringent standards. KetoSkream does not add any sugar to our recipe. The sugar that does exist in the product is naturally occurring in the raw ingredients. We also use clean ingredients and consolidate as much of our sweeteners and fibres as possible. KetoSkream does not add in additional or unnecessary ingredients in order to simulate a product. We keep it clean!

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About the Brand

KetoSkream was one of the first keto-friendly ice creams in Canada to expand and become the brand it is today. Owner and Founder Dan Boria started KetoSkream when he began his own keto diet. He was mainly interested in cutting carbs and sugars but believed taste shouldn’t be sacrificed.

After countless hours of calling different manufacturers to mass produce his idea, many declined and the first round of this idea started to fade. But it wasn’t long until he went back to the drawing board. Dan consulted with a food scientist and reformulated the issues he had before. in 2019 he was able to launch his successful ice cream with the help of a co-founder and the rest was history.


How do I dispose of the dry ice that comes with my order?
  • The dry ice that comes with your order is wrapped and separated from the KetoSkream containers. For your safety, do not touch the dry ice. Keep the dry ice inside of the opened box in a well-ventilated area. The dry ice will evaporate on its own within 24 hours of delivery. Never touch dry ice with bare hands or let it come in contact with your skin. Keep the dry ice out of reach of children and pets.
Can I eat the ice cream if I am diabetic?
  • With only 1g – 2g of net carbs per serving, and no added sugar, many customers with diabetes love our ice cream. Be sure to read their full ingredients, and check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.
Is your ice cream dairy free & gluten free?
  • Our ice cream includes a heavy cream which is not dairy free and our ice cream is not certified gluten free, however their products do not contain gluten.
Are your products made in a nut free facility?
  • Dairy KetoSkream does not contain nuts or peanuts. Vegan KetoSkream contains nuts: cashews and coconuts. Our Ice Cream Pints are made in a peanut free facility
How long does the ice cream last in the freezer?
  • In order to maximize freshness, they recommend consuming within 6 months. Our products are still safe to consume after 6 months but are more susceptible to freezer burn.
Are your cartons recyclable?
  • Yes. Please rinse pints after use or disassemble cardboard box’s and place it in the recycling bin.