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Kevin’s Natural Foods

In a world where time is a luxury, Kevin’s Natural Foods ensures health isn’t compromised, proving that flavorful, clean eating can fit effortlessly into today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Kevin’s Natural Foods isn’t just a brand – it’s a mission-driven Certified B Corp dedicated to integrating clean eating into the rhythms of modern life. Birthed from Kevin McCray’s battle against a severe auto-immune disorder, the brand champions the Paleo diet’s health benefits that transformed Kevin’s life.  These aren’t just any meals. With the art of sous-vide cooking and signature sauces, the brand promises to turn any kitchen into a Michelin-star space in just five minutes. The offerings are Certified Paleo, Keto, and Gluten-Free, serving as a testament to their commitment to clean eating. Kevin’s emphasizes transparency: no cane sugar, artificial ingredients, grains, soy, antibiotics, or hormones. Just pure, delicious food.

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About the Brand

Kevin became a full on Paleo evangelist, following the diet religiously. After going Paleo, he stopped having flare ups and said goodbye to all his prescriptions for good. He had his life back. But that’s the thing about life – it gets real busy real fast. The busier Kevin’s life got, the smaller the menu became. Weeknight after weeknight, dinner became a monotonous rotation of chicken and steamed broccoli. Enter Kevin’s partner in crime, Dan Costa.

As a chef and restaurateur, Dan knew a thing or two about flavor. And specifically, Dan knew a thing or two about kicking a health-conscious, time-starved family’s cooking game into high gear. Turns out, the secret to a Michelin-worthy meal in minutes is all in the sauce. After all, restaurants prepare their specialty sauces hours in advance to keep the dinner rush running like clockwork. We took this restaurant biz hack and set out to create the world’s most delicious Keto cooking sauces, spice blends, and sous-vide meals using only the finest Paleo-approved ingredients.


Your products are Paleo-Certified. What does that mean?
  • We use ingredients that reflect the foods that were available in nature during the Paleolithic era. Our Paleo-Certified products avoid refined sugars, artificial flavors, grains, legumes, and dairy. There are a lot of ways to interpret which foods qualify as “Paleo”. We have adopted the standards established by The Paleo Foundation.
Most of your products are Keto-Certified. What does that mean?
  • Our Keto-Certified products are designed to strictly limit carbohydrates to less than 2g per .5oz in accordance with the standards established by The Paleo Foundation.
Are all of your products Certified Gluten-Free?
  • Yes. All of our products our certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group
Are all of your products Non-GMO Project Verified?
  • All of our sauces and seasonings are Non-GMO Project Verified.
Do any of your products contains MSG?
  • No
Do you need to refrigerate the jarred sauces after opening?
  • Yes. Once opened, we recommend refrigerating all of our jarred sauces and using them within 30 days.

Brand Recipes

Flavors like lemongrass, ginger, and lime come together in this creamy, fall-inspired soup with Kevin's Lemongrass Chicken
Thai Coconut Chicken Pumpkin Bowls are bound to satisfy every pumpkin cravings! Tender pumpkin, kale, and squash add nutritional punch while sous vide chicken will supply the protein!
Pizza night has never been this easy or delicious! This Korean BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe is made with paleo and grain-free ingredients and sure to please everyone at the dinner table.
Kevin’s Peppercorn Steak Tips pair with in-season mushrooms and Kevin’s NEW Mashed Potatoes to create a hearty dish for those cold months - without all the guilt!