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Costco stays true to the qualities that helped attract and retain millions of loyal members around the globe.

Throughout the decades, the entrepreneurial drive for excellence has continued to define Costco staff at every level. From its management team to the people on the warehouse floor, everyone is united in a common goal to exceed member expectations. Costco is often noted for being much more employee-focused than other Fortune 500 companies. By offering fair wages and top-notch benefits

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About the Brand

The Costco story begins in 1976, when entrepreneur Sol Price introduced a groundbreaking retail concept in San Diego, California. Price Club was the world’s first membership warehouse club, a place where efficient buying and operating practices gave members access to unmatched savings.

At first, Price Club was limited exclusively to business members, who could purchase a wide range of supplies and wholesale items. Jim Sinegal, the executive vice-president of merchandising, distribution and marketing, was instrumental in fine-tuning the merchandise and marketing strategies, helping to turn Price Club into a success story that changed the face of retailing worldwide. Seven years later, Jim Sinegal channeled his expertise into co-founding Costco Wholesale with Jeff Brotman, and together they opened the first warehouse in Seattle, Washington in 1983.


Can they do a separate delivery fee?
  • No separate delivery fee with 2-Day orders of $75 or more
Can I have my groceries delivered to a different address?
  • Orders may only be delivered to one address fro 2 day delivery, no perishables and household essentials.
Why is my pricing more for 2 day delivery?
  • Item pricing is higher than your local warehouse in order to cover the pick and pack fulfillment cost. The separate Costco delivery fee is used to offset the freight for orders less than $75.
Can I get delivery even if I'm not a member?
  • Only members can shop Costco 2-Day, Frozen, and Instacart deliveries.
What items are eligible for cold and frozen delivery?
  • Look for items marked Cold & Frozen Delivery and all other perishable food items.
When is the latest I can place my order?
  • The cutoff for Costco Cold & Frozen Delivery and 2 Day Delivery is noon.