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Lucky Foods

At Lucky Foods, they have developed a new fusion flavors along with recipes that have been passed down generations, and great recipes, deserve great ingredients.

That’s why they are committed to sourcing the best ingredients they can find and preparing them by hand. With each spring roll they hand-roll, and each batch of kimchi they make, Lucky Foods is working to cultivate better food that is better for the planet. You will never find MSG, GMOs, added colors, or preservatives in Lucky Foods. What you will find are wholesome produce and fresh, aromatic spices.

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About the Brand

Lucky Foods’ enterprise was founded on the bedrock of family values, sharing their cultural heritage through cuisine and the pursuit of the American dream. Their family arrived in the United States during the 1970s. Speaking minimal English, their grandmother opted to support her family by leveraging her culinary skills, crafting nourishing Asian dishes. What commenced as a solitary eatery eventually blossomed into a manufacturing venture for their signature offering, Lucky Spring Rolls.

Today, Lucky Foods remains a family-run operation. Alongside their renowned Spring Rolls, they have diversified their product range, introducing the Seoul brand to propagate their family’s Korean recipes. Despite the evolving landscape, their commitment to producing top-tier goods remains steadfast. This entails sourcing premium, farm-fresh ingredients that enhance the caliber of their offerings. It encompasses the creation of convenient yet nutritious fare. Above all, it signifies their pride in sharing their ancestral recipes with consumers through every delectable morsel of their family’s culinary legacy.


What is Kimchi?
  • Kimchi is a Korean side dish made from fermented vegetables. In can come in hundreds of variations, but is most typically made with cabbage. Kimchi naturally contains probiotics that are produced during fermentation. Traditionally, Kimchi was stored underground to keep it cool while fermenting, but thanks to modern technology, kimchi is now stored in the refrigerator.
How do I control the taste of my Kimchi?
  • Seoul Kimchi is unique in that they pack it fresh so you can control the length of fermentation, and ultimately, the flavor and texture. If you like a mild, crispy Kimchi, then it is suggested to eat it right away. If you enjoy the bold, bubbly flavor of a nicely fermented Kimchi, then store it in the refrigerator until it has matured to your liking. The recommended shelf life is printed on the top of the jar.
The lid to my Kimchi is bulging, is that normal?
  • If you notice a bulging lid, this is completely normal. As the kimchi ferments, it will let off gases that create pressure under the lid. Lucky Foods suggests opening your Kimchi very slowly and over a bowl or the sink. Fermented Kimchi, much like champagne, has a tendency to pop and overflow out of the jar.
My Kimchi is fizzing, is that normal?
  • Fizzling Kimchi, similar to a can of carbonated soda, is perfectly normal. The fizzing sound and effervescent taste is a product of fermentation. This means your Kimchi is nicely fermented, enjoy!
What probiotics are in your Kimchi?
  • Lactobacillus bacteria naturally occurs during the lacto-fermentation process. This process creates probiotic “good bacteria,” Vitamic C and vitamin K. It will also create a unique tangy flavor profile.
What is the shelf life of Kimchi?
  • Our kimchi has a shelf life of 6 months from the time it was made. The best by date can be located on the top of the jar. To preserve the shelf life of your kimchi, it is recommended to keep it in the refrigerator and only using a clean, sanitized utensil to remove the product. This will prevent the introduction of foreign bacteria.

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