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Mulay’s Sausage

Mulay’s tradition of best in class, delicious sausages and meatballs, offer the “Better-For-You” solution today’s consumer demands.

As a well respected, Woman Owned, family run company, we source Crate Free, Antibiotic Free, Heritage pork sustainably raised on small family farms! We are the first and only meat company certified free from the “Big 9” Allergens. Mulay’s exceeds expectations by transparently delivering outstanding flavor and quality while addressing the wide variety of specialty diets

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About the Brand

Mulay’s Mission Statement 2022 Mulay’s honors our family’s tradition with this commitment; To deliver the most delicious, sustainably sourced, best in class products with trusted, respected, reliable service and a passionate dedication to the health of our farmers, customers and the communities we serve while growing a profitable, scalable, Woman Owned Business.

After a visit to New York, where we witnessed the sale of thousands of pounds of sausage with “peppa’s and onions”, we decided link up some of my Nana’s sausage to sell at the 4th of July Festival in Crested Butte back in 1990. One Kitchen Aid, 12 hours, and 400 links later we were ready to go. Armed with homemade bread, sautéed peppers and onions and our prized links, made using my Nana’s recipe, we set up our booth, put up a sign, and opened shop. Four hours later we were sold out! Today our families Natural Tradition lives on! Mulay’s Sausage is carefully crafted according to a centuries-old family recipe from Sicily, lovingly passed down through the generations. Simple, premium quality ingredients and a passion for out-of-this-world taste is what makes our products stand out.


How long can I keep my sausage in the refrigerator?
  • 15 days from the time it is thawed. It can stay in the freezer up to a year for maximum flavor… but really, don’t save it! Eat it!
How do you cook it?
  • If the product you purchased is fresh, cooking instructions are on the inside of every package. If it’s frozen, defrost for about an hour and then follow the package directions.
Where is your pork raised?
  • Small farms in the mid-west, primarily Iowa.
Can you refreeze it again and for how long?
  • Make sure you label it so that you use it right away once defrosted.
Where is your sausage processed?
  • In Texas and Iowa.

Brand Recipes

Tasty chorizo paired with a cabbage “taco”
Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this recipe is bound to be a hit either way
A delicious stir fry for any day of the week
It’s just as good as it sounds and tastes great with mashed potatoes
Classic Italian flavors wrapped up into a perfect burger
The best appetizer for any occasion with Mulay’s chorizo