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Nature’s Touch

With our fast-paced lifestyle, eating healthy is not always easy. That’s why Nature’s Touch is creating the goal to make eating real food as simple as can be

Their mission is to provide fruits as nature intended. Since day one, they have devoted their energy to bring you tasty, sun-kissed frozen fruits and vegetables, with no additives or preservatives, period. They’re passionate about offering healthy fruit, as nature intended, and believe real food should be as simple as it can be.

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About the Brand

In 2004, John Tentomas founded Nature’s Touch in his basement, with his cousin Philip. They packed their first order by hand at a small rented room in a warehouse. Since then, John has dedicated himself to finding the best quality foods. He travels the world with his team, visiting farms and inspecting facilities.

We focus on finding the best products and are committed to quality at every production stage. We grow our business according to three key pillars: trust, quality and supply. We work with suppliers and retailers who we trust to provide the highest-quality products for our customers, and we ensure extensive supply capabilities that are second to none, all year long.


Is their packaging recyclable?
  • Not at the present time, unfortunately. However, they are always looking at packaging technologies that will allow them to preserve the quality of their product and be fully recyclable. Their main concern is to deliver quality products and avoid ice build-up, dehydration and clumping, and therefore, their bags are made with two materials glued together, in order to provide a full protective barrier for their frozen fruits and veggies.
Are Nature's Touch products gluten-free?
  • Fruits and vegetables don’t naturally contain gluten. Their facilities do not handle any products that contain gluten.
Why are pesticides required at all?
  • Some fruits and veggies need pesticide application in order to protect them from harmful predators (e.g.: bacteria, fungi, bugs, mold) that will simply destroy the fruit (either while it is growing or after it is harvested).
Is tested for pesticide residue fruit healthier than traditional frozen fruit?
  • There is no difference in the nutritional value of a conventional fruit vs a tested for pesticide residue fruit. The main difference is that they guarantee that there is no pesticide residue on the tested for pesticide residue fruits, whereas conventional fruits might have pesticide residue that is within the limits approved by the regulating authorities.
How exactly is it done? What does the tested for pesticide residue guarantee actually mean?
  • Every batch of fruits and veggies is tested twice for pesticide residue – once at the farm prior to bulk loading, and again at their facility prior to packaging! At Nature’s Touch, their goal is to limit your exposure to pesticide residues when enjoying their frozen fruit and that is why their highly qualified team uses latest generation equipment to test for a minimum of 260 of the most commonly known pesticides. There are no regulations governing how tested for pesticide residue products must be grown, but they adhere to an international standard for testing pesticide residue:
Are all organic fruits pesticide-free?
  • Although the use of pesticides is highly regulated in Organic Agriculture, some specific pesticides are permitted.

Brand Recipes

The Clafoutis is the perfect combination of light and tasty in a dessert.
Who would've thought spicy and mango go together so perfectly!
Delicious Blueberry and Rosemary Scones the perfect addition to any breakfast or brunch.
A classic broccoli and feta salad with your favorite dressing.
This strawberry and thyme smoothie gives you a unique and tasty mix of flavors.
This is a showstopper of an appetizer and is ready in minutes.