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We believe a bright future for all is rooted in healthy food.

For over 20 years it’s inspired us to offer the planet’s best organic, plant-based, nutrient-dense foods while helping the people and ecosystems that create it to flourish. Every Nutiva product purchased helps advance sustainable agriculture and grow healthy communities.

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About the Brand

It began with a man with a passion for wholesome organic foods. Our Founder John Roulac launched Nutiva with 500 hemp seed bars. Our name was also hemp-inspired: Nutiva-NUT of a Cannabis satIVA.

In 2002, Nutiva launches our first organic coconut oil product. We’ve been advocates for the nourishing, versatile properties of cold-pressed, minimally processed coconut oil ever since. Nutiva was also a key player in fighting for the legalization of hemp-based food products. We continue to advocate for your right to nutrient dense, organic foods made without chemical or GMO intervention.


What is Nutiva Organic All-Purpose Coconut Oil?
  • Organic All-Purpose Coconut Oil is made from dried coconut meat. It has a more neutral scent and flavor than virgin coconut oil, and a higher smoke point, which makes it suitable for higher temperature cooking. Unlike other companies that use harsh chemicals to produce Organic All-Purpose Coconut Oil, we gently steam-refine our oil to manufacture Nutiva Organic All-Purpose Coconut Oil. This process is certified organic and uses absolutely no chemicals.
Is it ok to use Nutiva Organic All-Purpose Coconut Oil on your hair?
  • Yes, you can use Nutiva Organic All-Purpose Coconut Oil as a hair treatment. Some coconut oil fans prefer Nutiva Organic All-Purpose Coconut Oil for haircare, but you can enjoy the benefits of lauric acid from either product.
How is Nutiva organic MCT powder made?
  • MCT Oil is combined with organic acacia fiber and then goes through an organic spray-drying process.
What is the difference between Nutiva organic MCT oil and organic liquid coconut oil?
  • The two products are identical in ingredients. However, we do additional testing on the MCT Oil to confirm the exact levels of caprylic acid, capric acid, and lauric acid that are contained within the medium chain triglycerides (MCT), as is indicated in the MCT Oil Supplement Facts label.
What are Nutiva organic hazelnut spreads made of?
  • They’re made from sustainably sourced ingredients like organic cocoa powder, hazelnuts, and oat flour. For the full list of ingredients, please see the product page for more information.
Are Nutiva organic hazelnut spreads vegan?
  • Nutiva organic hazelnut spreads are Vegan. All of the ingredients in our spread are vegan. However, there may be non-vegan ingredients handled in the same production facility. This statement is mostly intended for people with severe allergies where even traces of cross-contamination with an allergen could.

Brand Recipes

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