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Stock up on the original, nutrient-dense superfood loaded with plant-based protein and amazing nutty flavor!

We believe in feeding your health and wellness with the gifts provided by Mother Nature—in our case, yummy almonds and walnuts grown on our sunshine-y California farm. We think plant-based living is simply better living, so we put it first in all we do. Discover pure, feel-good, healthy nutty goodness you’ll want to eat and use every single day.

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About the Brand

We had a nutty idea, snacks. But not your typical, boring, run-of-the-mill, been-there-done-that snack. We made snacks with fancy fun flavors inspired from around the glob. It seems strange, but the octopus is actually the perfect mascot for the Octonuts’ mission. Like us, it’s constantly learning, curious, and thirsty for more. And just like an octopus, nut farming requires a lot of hands, skills, flexibility, and an innate talent to make the best of your surroundings.

From tree to table, we’ve partnered with farmers who are passionate about California-grown nuts. When they’re harvested and cold pressed it’s done to retain all the nutritional value you know and love. As multi-generational almond and nut growers and processors, we couldn’t shake our desire to rethink what goes into growing nuts—from soil to oil, farmer to food. So in 2020, we launched Octonuts to bring you the purest, most reliably wholesome almond and walnut products that taste so good and are so good for you.


Are Octonuts Nut Oils refined?
  • No! From soil to oil, our oils are harvested and cold-pressed to retain all of the flavor and goodness.
What does "cold pressed" mean?
  • Cold press is an extraction method that uses as little processing as possible. This means there is no need for any refinement.
What is the difference between refined oils and unrefined oils?
  • Refined oils are most often extracted using heat and chemicals. Unrefined oils are extracted mechanically with NO heat, chemicals, additives or pesticides. This process, also known as Cold-Pressed, retains most of its natural nutrients from start to finish. Octonuts Almond & Walnut Oils are both Unrefined & Virgin Cold-Pressed.
Are your nut oils good for high-heat cooking?
  • Our Cold Pressed Almond Oil is perfect for high-heat cooking, frying, and sauteing. With a high smoke point between 375-449 F, this is your go to for high-heat cooking! Almond Oil actually has a higher smoke point than olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and sunflower oil! We recommend using our Cold Pressed Walnut Oil over medium-low heat to preserve all its nutty flavor. Its delicate nuttiness is perfect to dress up your favorite salad, pasta, side dishes, and more!
Are your products Organic?
  • Octonuts products are not certified Organic. However, our products contain only natural and simple ingredients. Simply read the label and see.
Are your products Non-GMO?
  • Yes! Octonuts Products are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Brand Recipes

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