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Olé Mexican Foods

From authentic tortillas to rich Mexican cheeses, Olé Mex’s authentic Mexican food products ensure that you never have to sacrifice taste for a meal that is better for you.

Their food products will help your meals stand out. Not only will your meals taste better, but they can be better for you too. Simply add their products to your dishes for a meal everyone will love.


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About the Brand

As a company, Ole Mexican Foods has been driven to provide authentic Mexican Inspired foods for generations to come. The company’s founder, Veronica Moreno, began making and selling authentic tortillas in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1988. She used traditional ingredients and techniques passed down to her through generations from her native Mexico. Veronica, as well as her family and her staff, have never lost sight of the importance of creating great foods that bring families together at the table.

Ole Mexican Foods has flourished under Veronica’s guidance, evolving into a culinary haven that transcends geographical boundaries. The company’s commitment to authenticity remains unwavering, reflected not only in the recipes but also in the values upheld by Veronica, her family, and the dedicated staff. The kitchen at Ole Mexican Foods is not just a place of business; it’s a sacred space where the artistry of Mexican cuisine is carefully preserved and celebrated.


Are Any of Their Products Gluten-Free?
  • Yes. Their corn products are made with 100% corn masa and/or corn flour; no wheat flour or wheat ingredients are added. These products include corn tortillas, corn chips, and tostadas. Their chorizo is also gluten-free.
Do Their Recipes have Nutritional Information Available?
  • No, they currently do not have nutritional information available for their recipes.No.
Are Ole Mexican Foods Products Kosher?
  • Yes. Look for the Star K kosher symbol on their packaging.
Do Their Products Have Preservatives?
  • Yes. Preservatives help protect the flavor and the freshness of Ole Mexican Foods' products.
How Should I Store My Ole Mexican Foods' Tortillas After I Open the Package?
  • Their tortillas are shelf-stable, so you may store them on your counter or in your pantry. They can also be refrigerated or frozen. Thaw frozen tortillas in the refrigerator for 24-36 hours before using them. Do not thaw in the microwave.

Brand Recipes

Crispy, crunchy, all around delicious.
The perfect balance of citrus and seafood.
A twist on the classic Mexican street corn.
A delicious wrap for any day of the week.
The right amount of Tex Mex fusion.
Who doesn't love a good queso?