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PRE Brands

Always grass-fed, grass-finished and raised with care. No added antibiotics, added hormones, BPA or GMOs. In totally transparent, vacuum-sealed packaging that shows you how flavorful, tender hand-trimmed beef should be.

As a grass-fed beef brand, we think about beef differently, so we approach beef differently. We believe in respecting your taste, your health and your time. We never add hormones or antibiotics. Absolutely no GMOs. Our packaging is airtight and 100% nitrate and BPA free. We believe organic isn’t a label, it is a lifestyle, and we treat animals with respect. We’re just geeks deeply in love with the little details that go into making food amazing.

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About the Brand

Somewhere along the evolutionary path from spear-toting hunter-gatherer to smoothie-swigging smartphone soldiers we went from a diet featuring whole ingredients to unholy matrimonies of industrialized monstrosities, harvested, mechanically separated, and reassembled into questionable beef-like objects. All of our healthy beef is grass-fed and grass-finished from Australia and New Zealand, where nutrient-rich grasses grow year-round for cattle. Plus, they have some of the strictest standards. All our beef is cut, trimmed or ground in Chicago.

As a result, we’ve become weird about food. We’re lactose intolerant, gluten-free, non-GMO, grain-free, buzzword fiends chasing the dietary dragon to get our fix of that pure, unadulterated taste we remember from a time long forgotten. But guess what? The real solution isn’t the next big thing. It was actually the first big thing: Pre-Industrial food. No feedlots, no added hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics, no corn-fed cattle. Pre® wants to set the taste clock back to the time just before food got so weird, and keep the quality right there. It’s not going to be easy, but doing things the right way rarely is. These things make us different, and we’re okay with that.


Where does PRE Brands source from?
  • Currently, PRE is sourced from select regions in Australia and New Zealand. These regions offer some of the best environmental conditions (rainfall & pasture quality) in the world for grass fed cattle raising. These countries also have the highest animal welfare standards in the world.
Why don’t you source from the U.S.?
  • We would love to source from U.S. farms, however the PRE cattle are raised is not the norm in the U.S. In fact, only 3% of cattle in the U.S are 100% grass fed whereas in New Zealand, 96% of cattle are 100% grass fed. It’s just the way they do things. The climate in the US makes it difficult to feed cattle grass all year round.
How does PRE Brands beef impact health?
  • The nutrition profile of beef is directly impacted by what the animals eat. When the animals eat grass, it’s like eating salad and vegetables. When animals are fed corn for most of their lives it’s the equivalent of eating candy day in and day out. The overall nutrition and nutrient profile is quite different and is reflected in the richer color of the beef. PRE also sources from producers that use no added antibiotics or added hormones resulting in the cleanest, purest beef you can buy. Our strict specifications and consistent weights allow us to calculate the nutritional profile of our products. This is something that “random weight” (meat that is different weight from steak to steak) is unable to do. Exact nutrition information can be found on each product page, but in general PRE beef is: Up to 38% fewer Calories* Up to 63% less Fat* Higher Omega 3s Higher CLA’s *vs. USDA choice version for the same cut of beef
Does PRE Brands beef ever contain antibiotics?
  • We disagree with the routine use of antibiotics and/or hormones to promote unnatural growth in livestock. We believe that all animals deserve to have a life free of sickness and pain, so in case of an animal’s acute illness, we use veterinary administered antibiotics. In humans, this would be the equivalent of taking antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection but not taking antibiotics every day of your life to prevent illness that is a result of unhealthy lifestyle.
Do PRE products contain growth hormones?
  • No. There are no added hormones in PRE beef. Cattle naturally have hormones (like all living beings) but we do not use added hormones to promote rapid growth.
Is PRE Brands beef free of GMOs (Genetically modified organisms)?
  • Our beef is currently sourced from New Zealand and Australia. We do not have a non-GMO certification; however New Zealand is a GMO free country.