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Safe Catch

Safe Catch is the only brand in the world that tests every single fish for mercury with our breakthrough technology.

1 out of 4 smaller fish don’t pass our mercury test. That’s why no other brand can match our purity. Safe Catch Elite tuna is 8X lower in mercury than Albacore canned tuna (per FDA reported avg) and 25X Below the FDA Limit. It tests as pure as wild salmon and is the Official Tuna of the American Pregnancy Association. We test so kids, pregnant women and others can feel great eating tuna.

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About the Brand

Safe Catch makes its tuna differently than conventional tuna which precooks fish on racks (many Omega 3s drain away), machine packs, rehydrates with chemicals and fillers and cooks it again in the can. At Safe Catch, we hand-cut sushi grade solid tuna steaks and slow cook each one to perfection. All of the nutrients and flavor are sealed in for a fresh, clean taste. Safe Catch does not use any additives or fillers and is non GMO verified. Just 100% pure tuna.

As childhood friends growing up next door to each other, we never thought we would be working together and fighting for purity in our seafood and oceans. After some research, we learned that two identical tuna, same species, size and school could vary in mercury levels by over 10 times. The only way to know the mercury level was to test every fish. We knew how to identify amazing tuna but we didn’t how to make amazing tuna. We were surprised to learn that conventional tuna is precooked, rehydrated with fillers, machined processed and recooked and as result of so much processing it loses many vital Omega 3 oils, flavor and texture. So, we searched for a better way to make and cook tuna. We found and adapted an old artisan method. At Safe Catch, we hand cut and hand pack each wild tuna steak into a BPA free lined can with no additives or fillers. Then, we slow cook it just once. It took us 75 different variations to get our formula perfect.


How does Safe Catch Tuna have the lowest mercury limit of any tuna brand?
  • We are not aware of any other brand besides Safe Catch that screens each wild tuna to a mercury limit. Mercury levels between two individual tuna can vary widely even between two tuna of the same size, same school and from the same location. We’ve tested over 700,000 fish for mercury levels and tested wild tuna with mercury levels over 2 times higher than the FDA mercury limit of 1.0 parts per million (ppm). That’s why Safe Catch tests every single fish to strict mercury limits and Safe Catch is the only brand that tests every single fish for mercury.
Why don’t other brands test each tuna for its mercury level?
  • You would have to ask the other brands. We started as a technology company and invented proprietary testing technology to screen seafood for mercury. We offered to test and certify purity for other brands but every brand we approached declined. So, we used our technology to start our own brand and we call it Safe Catch. Safe Catch is the only brand that tests every single tuna to a strict mercury limit.
Why does Safe Catch tuna retain more Omega 3s than conventional twice cooked tuna?
  • Conventional twice cooked tuna is made by putting the fish in large pre-cookers on open racks, machine processing it, rehydrating the precooked tuna in the can and cooking it again. As a result, conventional tuna lose many vital Omega 3 oils as the fish precook on racks and the oils drain away. The machine processing also impairs natural flavor and texture. At Safe Catch we do it differently. We hand cut and hand pack solid wild tuna steaks to seal in all the natural oils and nutrients and slow cook each one just once for an amazing taste. Do not drain Safe Catch tuna. There are no additives and fillers. Empty it into a bowl, chop up the steak and mix it. The tuna will reabsorb its natural oils and juices for a moist and delicious taste. You can eat it right out of the can or use it in your favorite recipe.
Why do many experts recommend eating fish over taking Omega 3 supplements?
  • Tuna contains much more than just Omega 3s. Tuna has B vitamins, niacin, potassium, selenium, thiamin, and all nine essential amino acids. Now, as it relates to just Omega 3s, there seems to be a debate among the experts as to whether pills are effective. If you google “fish vs. Omega 3 pills” you’ll get both sides of the coin. We are not experts but we can say this, you’ll definitely get the benefits of seafood by eating seafood.
Why does Safe Catch Tuna say: Do Not Drain?
  • At Safe Catch we do not add oil, water, fillers, preservatives, or GMO-Soy broth to our tuna. When you open the tuna can or pouch you will find a solid tuna steak with naturally occurring fish oils and juices that are full of healthy Omega-3s. It tastes better and is better for you! Open the can or pouch of Safe Catch tuna and pour everything into a bowl. Break up the tuna with a fork, mix it up and let it reabsorb its natural oils. You can even break up the tuna in the pouch and eat it right out of the pouch. Safe Catch tuna is moist and flavorful, so it tastes great by itself or added to your favorite tuna recipe!
Is Safe Catch Tuna BPA Free?
  • Yes, Safe Catch tuna is free of BPA. We send out finished, packed products to accredited 3rd party labs to test for BPA and there is no detectable presence of BPA. The can lining is made out of a BPA-free material called organosol that ensures even coating of the liner.

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