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Samyang Company

Samyang Corporation brings a new meaning to solution by creating foods that directly represent a new future. We’re pursuing an abundant and convenient lifestyle that fits who you are.

Samyang Corporation has four strong pillars holding up the company, one of which being our food division. We look to reinvent the meaning of sugars, flour, cooking oil and other everyday ingredients. With innovative products that can be used by everyone and recipes that incorporate an equal balance of health-consciousness and deliciousness, we take one step further. We’re the company that “offers ingredients that add value to life.”

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About the Brand

Choi Naghyun is the president for the Food Division of Samyang Corporation. Their first venture, “Q. One” proved to be a success and additional food products have been developed and continue to be produced to serve their customers world wide. The Samyang company looked to base their products off the “keystones” of cooking so that everyone, anywhere could effectively use their products.

The first generation of the Samyang Corporation, Samsu Company, was founded in 1920 and grew exponentially through the year, expanding and putting “Samyang Sugar” on the market. Through the years, they’ve continued to add products that enhance their customer’s lives. They recognize their customers are the key to their business growth and strive to deliver the best customer service possible while staying true to their mission of healthy, refined alternatives to the most common ingredients.


Who is Nexweet?
  • Nexweet is an extension of the Samyang Company for our allulose sugar product.
What does the Samyang Company do?
  • The Samyang Company works to provide value to your food by recreating the meaning behind common cooking ingredients. We offer a wide variety of low carb options, reduced sugar, and more!
What sweets can I eat on the Keto Diet?
  • Luckily, with Samyang Company, you have a wide variety of sweets that don’t sacrifice the flavor. It’s recommended to look at our prepackaged mixes and other products.
What are the three types of keto?
  • Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD), Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD), and Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD)