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SeedWise has harnessed the nutritional power of seeds and made them snackable, giving snackers a craveable treat free from allergens, fillers or loads of added sugars.

No more compromising on health or taste. Finally, you can snack without holding back. The things we do echoes life itself. A little planning. A lot of inspiration. The only requirement is that it’s real, true, from a good place. And then we work out how to do it over and over again, only more delicious, and new and innovative. It’s not a performance. It’s balance of unapologetic optimism and focused pragmatism that consistently leads us to a delicious and truly unique product.

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About the Brand

From our earliest days in our bustling restaurant in Toronto, we found inspiration in the people who we served. They were genuine, authentic, a little crazy sometimes. But, always real and flavourful. It was an alchemy of our passion combined with theirs that led us to where we are today. We bring together good people that are open, honest, and authentically themselves, and we see what the unexpected combination creates.

Tiny seeds out here doing big things! We started SeedWise because we’re in love with powerful snacks that pack a seedy punch. No fillers. No grains. Just the unbelievably craveably power of seeds. Snackably delicious, easy to digest, and full of healthy fats – that’s small but mighty. Feel wise knowing everything we make is always baked in-house for extra goodness. Created by snackers who snack, we’re Allergy-safe, gluten-free, GMO-free, and baked for extra


Are your cookie products grain free?
  • Yes! All of our cookies are also baked in house.
Are you keto certified?
  • Yes, all of our products are currently Keto certified!
What's so special about your granola?
  • Our granola is not only tasty but also keto certified, low sugar, high fiber, grain free, and gluten free making it the perfect snack throughout your day.
How do you maintain quality?
  • Without revealing too many trade secrets, we can say our bakery is state-of-the-art, which certainly helps us maintain the highest standards of quality. We’ve taken the extra step of having our facility BRC Certified, which is an globally recognized international food safety and quality standard. The program is used by thousands of suppliers, retailers, manufactures and distributors in many countries. BRC regularly audits our operations and supply chain to assure we’re always operating at our optimum.
How can I keep my products fresher for longer?
  • We’re adamant that everything we make is GMO-free and contains no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. Not just because it’s better for you–but also because real food made from real ingredients tastes better! But real food has a shelf life. We suggest storing our products in the freezer if you are unable to consume them before the best before date. Some of us like storing them in the fridge.