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Simply Protein

Simply Protein is all about energizing you, with deliciously simple plant-based fuel. They believe in naturally sourced ingredients to give you the purest form of protein and energy.

The Simply Protein team believes wellness is a personal endeavor, not a prescriptive one. The path to feeling good is as individual as we are. However, what we all share is our need for protein. It’s not just for those who compete, but for everyone and any body. Their snacks are high in plant-based protein, made with 3g of sugar or less, gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified.

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About the Brand

The idea behind the Simply Protein® brand was born out of necessity. The original founder was looking for snacks that were made mindfully. They wanted a snack that was gluten-free, dairy-free, packed with protein and above all – delicious. Although, this wasn’t as easy to find as one may think and thus began the journey of Simple Protein, now, Wellness Natural.

From there, Simply Protein has created products that are low carb and contain a high amount of protein. As they would put it, fueling you drives their motivation to continue making quality products. Their passion is to help provide you with plant-based energy to help keep you going physically and mentally, giving you the fuel to be you.


Are your products suitable for vegans and vegetarians?
  • All of our products are made with plant-based protein and other quality ingredients that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Are your products gluten free?
  • Yes! Our products are gluten-free and suitable for anyone looking for a gluten-free option, whether it be because of an allergy, sensitivity, or preference. We consciously source gluten-free ingredients, including gluten-free certified oats in all our product offerings, and we validate that there is no cross-contamination by testing our finished products to ensure any incidental gluten is <20 ppm.
Are your products Kosher?
  • SimplyProtein® plant-based products are certified kosher, however different products have different certifying bodies. We recommend that anyone following a kosher diet always look for the specific kosher symbol on our packaging.
What kind of protein do you use?
  • The SimplyProtein® brand is passionate about offering snacks with plant-based energy; soy is one of the few plant-based protein sources that is a complete protein, providing all 9 essential amino acids with high digestibility. The soy protein we use is Non-GMO Project Verified.
Are your products peanut/nut free?
  • Yes! Our new Dipped bars are peanut-free.
Are your products non-GMO?
  • All of our products are non-GMO Project Verified. Genetically modified organisms are often used to withstand herbicide application or produce their own pest resistance, among other functions. The Non-GMO Project is a trusted third-party verification service for GMO avoidance and our ingredients and products have been rigorously reviewed to ensure they meet their high standards. You can explore more information and find our full list of Non-GMO Project Verified products at