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Sir Kensington

Creating a mayo that explores the next frontier in the art of condiment-making wasn’t easy, but someone had to do it.

Here at Sir Kensington’s we’re all about full-on flavor. That’s why our lineup of delectable sauces is made of only the finest, Non-GMO ingredients blended to creamy, palate-pleasing perfection.

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About the Brand

We believe food is the most powerful human connector. To protect that superpower, we work to defend the dignity of food. When we started Sir Kensington’s, we didn’t know much about food or business, but there were two things we did know. First, we knew there was an opportunity to make better condiments for America, and second, we knew that we wanted to run a company that behaved in line with our values.

From that beginning, the more we learned about food and business, the more the inherent tension between these two worlds revealed itself. As we grew the team, articulated our purpose, and did more business, with more products, for more customers, these two founding truths became only more true. Our goal became to both do good business, and business that does good.

Brand Recipes

Deliciously crispy and cheesy.
Your favorite pasta, reinvented.
It isn't a party unless it's a french fry party.
Fancy grilled cheese? Count us in.
You'll never look at lettuce the same way again!