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Here at Sown we make the best plant based products out there, and we love doing it.

We care about the environment and the Earth’s resources which is why we so strongly believe in our plant based creamers. It’s the best of both worlds, rich and creamy taste while still giving our planet what it needs to thrive.

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About the Brand

Since the beginning we have believed in plant grown resources that help the environment rather than deplete it. It’s our mission here at Sown that we not only create amazing creamers for your consumption but also give back to Mother Earth in general. All of our cartons are recyclable and have 70% paperboard!

We believe that cow milk is best for wee cows, not we humans. This is why we created Sown, because we saw a gap and filled it with love for plants and the great pairing for your morning coffee. No need to give up your morning routine, just enhance it by using some of our creamer. Not only are our oat creamers flavored, they’re also keto friendly, making it the best all around.


Are SOWN™ Oat Creamers organic?
  • Yes, SOWN™ Oat Creamers are certified-USDA organic.
Are your oat creamers vegan?
  • Why yes they are! Because “Planted. Never Milked.” is kind of our thing!
What makes your packaging so special?
  • We care about our impact on the earth so we use packaging that’s renewable and recyclable. On average, our cartons consist of about 70% paperboard, a renewable material that is sourced from responsibly managed forests which means new trees are continuously growing back to replace what was used.
Are SOWN™ Oat Creamers non-GMO Project verified?
  • SOWN™ is non-GMO Project verified, because no one should start the morning with a hot cup of genetically modified organisms. Here’s more information about our certification on the Non-GMO Project Verified website.
Are SOWN™ Oat Creamers Gluten-Free?
  • Yes – all of our oat creamers are certified gluten-free. We know that there are many people trying to avoid gluten, whether they have Celiac Disease or they’re avoiding it for other reasons. Look for the gluten-free stamp on all of our packaging.
Are all SOWN™ Oat Creamers certified Kosher?
  • All of our SOWN™ creamers are Orthodox Union Kosher Certified.

Brand Recipes

Classic cold brew with a splash of blackberry
Creamy and delicious Dalgona coffee
The best combination of mango and matcha
Crumble salted peanut butter caramel bars