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At SuperFat we embrace fat and we think you should too.

As the founders of SuperFat we aren’t just nut fans, we are world travelers, entrepreneurs, and fitness enthusiasts who tried nearly every diet in hopes of finding reliable fuel for optimal performance in life. It wasn’t until we created SuperFat that we found something that tasted great, provided optimal performance, and a boost of on-demand energy wherever we went. We knew we were on to something great and SuperFat was born.

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About the Brand

I’ve always lived an active lifestyle. I’m a serial entrepreneur, used to compete in Ironman triathlons, marathons, and endurance sports, and still make physical activity a centerpiece of my day. For years, I was desperate to find the perfect diet for my lifestyle. I tried Keto, Paleo, even vegan. I went all-in every time. But no matter the diet (or my level of commitment), I never saw the results I wanted.

I was shamed into thinking it was my fault. I wasn’t doing enough. For a while, I let that shame get to me. These diets are popular for a reason, right? Maybe it was my fault. Fortunately, I was born with a bit of a stubborn streak. One day I decided to refuse to accept the blame. I knew I did everything each diet asked of me. I was committed, open-minded, and willing to make serious lifestyle changes. So, where was the disconnect? I set out to find the reason why I didn’t see the results I expected. It didn’t take me long to discover I wasn’t the only one struggling. There were (and still are) countless other people out there who had been tricked into starving their bodies of what turns out to be one of its most essential nutrients.


What's the purpose of fats?
  • Fats help your body absorb key vitamins. They keep you feeling full. They prevent your blood sugar from spiking and crashing after you eat.
Is all fat bad for you?
  • Fat isn’t bad for you. That’s not our opinion. It’s science. (1) So why do you think fat will, well, make you fat? You’ve been lied to for years by Big Food, all so you’d buy into the latest low-fat diet fad (and products). But don’t worry. You’re not alone.
How should I start the Keto Diet?
  • You must first understand the diet as a whole in order to plan for it properly. Calculate your calorie needs and your macronutrients so you know what you are aiming for. Become familiar with recommended foods to include and those to avoid. If you have a complex medical condition, make sure your doctor is on board and ready to support you and help you manage your health.
What is Ketosis?
  • Normally, your body breaks down carbs from your food into glucose molecules and uses this for energy. By drastically restricting carb intake on keto, your body eventually runs out of glucose. This causes your levels of insulin hormone to drop and triggers the liver to create molecules called ketones from stored fat. It's these ketones that your brain and body can now use for energy.
What grains should I avoid on the Keto Diet?
  • Wheat Oats Rice Quinoa Millet Rye Corn Buckwheat Barley
What is Superfat?
  • Fueling your body right is hard. You need the perfect blend of fats, protein, carbs and nutrients to reach peak performance.We handpick only the best, most wholesome ingredients on earth to give you delicious, guilt-free snacks that pack a powerful punch. Each delicious SuperFat snack is thoroughly researched, certified, and backed by science to help you feel your best.

Brand Recipes

The perfect pairing for a morning coffee.
A delicious and healthy breakfast burrito bowl.
Classic banana and chocolate smoothie.
Fluffy macadamia blueberry muffins.
Cookies for breakfast? Yes please!
This easy overnight recipe is the best start to the day!