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Twins Love Chocolate

The perfect indulgence that fits your dietary needs does exist and it’s right here!

Twin Loves Chocolate brand is all about creating not just a substitute for ‘regular’ chocolate but enhancing chocolate’s natural state in order for it to be organic, non-gmo, and plant based.

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About the Brand

What do you do when your little girl has inherited the family obsession with chocolate but you don’t want your princess devouring unhealthy candy with dubious ingredients? What do you do when your mother is diabetic and it’s scary to have sugary treats around the house? What do you do when your hometown, San Francisco de Macoris, is the cacao capital of the entire Dominican Republic and you grew up frolicking on a cacao farm to the point where chocolate practically runs in your veins?

You set out to create the most luscious, delectable, irresistible chocolate bar on earth that also happens to be ORGANIC, HEALTHY AND LOW IN SUGAR.
Twins Love Chocolate—inspired by beloved twins Gianna and Gianni—is a family-owned confectionary that is proud to present an unforgettable chocolate experience fueled by the good stuff: Organic ingredients, a thoughtful recipe.


Where do you source your chocolate?
  • We source the finest chocolate available in the Dominican Republic.
Are you Non-GMO?
  • Yes! All of our chocolate is Non-GMO.
Which products are Keto certified?
  • Our "Peanut Butter Chocolate Cup" is currently the only product certified for Keto.
Which products are Certified Paleo?
  • As of right now, our Hazelnut, Almond, and Cashew Chocolate Cup are all Certified Paleo.
Is Twin Loves Chocolate plant based?
  • Yes. In order to truly harness chocolate in it's most natural state, it is plant based.