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Say hello to vibi+™. Prebiotic Hydration™ that combines fresh fruit taste with the functional goodness of prebiotic fiber.

You really can’t overstate the importance of good digestive health. How you feel in your gut plays a big role in how you feel overall, both physically and mentally. vibi+™ is packed with prebiotic fiber, the stuff that feeds the good probiotics in your digestive system, helping bring your gut into balance and improving your immunity. We also added a dose of vitamin B-complex to deliver an extra boost of vibrancy to your life.

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About the Brand

After a challenging health issue, vibi+™’s creator, Martin Ruette, was encouraged by his doctor to focus on healthier eating habits with an emphasis on a fiber-rich diet. He went about researching the positive impact of fiber on one’s overall health. Martin was an instant convert. Being a serial entrepreneur and curious soul, he began working on a new fiber drink. One that delivered a high percentage of daily fiber, while also tasting refreshingly great. And not just for himself, but to share with others, so they could experience the joy of feeling their best, too.

vibi+™ took 12 years to develop, involving four countries. It’s a passion project, a labor of love. Made with natural ingredients, including prebiotic fiber that is 100% plant-based. But equally important, Martin has founded a company with a team of professionals focused on Fueling Health for All. This means more than simply producing a delicious, healthy beverage, it’s about making a difference: Educating people on the benefits of prebiotic fiber and healthy living. Building a future driven by a purpose that also advocates for the environment.


What does vibi+ means?
  • [v-ih-bee+] means vibrant and refreshing, vitamins plus prebiotics, good vibes, full of life and more.
Who is vibi+™ for?
  • To be boldly honest, vibi+™ is for everyone. We all need the benefits of prebiotic fiber and B complex vitamins. They help balance our digestive system and build our immunity, leading to a more joyful living.
What is vibi+™'s mission?
  • vibi+™’s mission is more than simply producing a delicious, healthy beverage; it’s about Fueling Health for All by educating people on the benefits of prebiotic fiber and healthy living, being an advocate for the environment and building a future driven by a purpose.
Why does it taste so refreshing?
  • We want to offer you fresh taste, with real health benefits. That’s why we curated natural flavors, that when combined with stevia extract, unleashes the refreshing fruit flavor with every single bottle vibi+™ that you open.
What is the source of fiber in these drinks?
  • vibi+™ source of fiber, is a prebiotic fiber called polydextrose. Polydextrose is a prebiotic fiber that is soluble and stable throughout the digestive system.
Why fiber? And why now?
  • The real question is, why not before? A good digestive health means the ability of our body to get food in and out without issues and the ability of our body to use the nutrients in foods to keep our body healthy. The way to good digestive health is through consuming enough fiber, that as of now 95% of the Americans do not consume enough of vibi+™ with 27% of your daily recommended fiber intake and B vitamins can help you achieve both; good digestive health and support the immune system.