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Vita Coco

Vita Coco prides ourselves in making products that start with real, honest ingredients.

We use ingredients that do more for your body, your mind, and the world. We want our products to make you feel good inside and give you energy throughout the day. With our unique flavor combinations, revolutionary caffeinated coconut water and more, we’ve reimagined what coconut water truly means.

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About the Brand

It all started when two friends walk into a New York City bar and strikes up a conversation with two Brazilian women. The friends asked what they miss most about home, and the women tell them about “agua de coco.” When they learn that the coconut water hype is real, they hatch a plan to bring coconut water to the U.S. Vita Coco® is born.

Coconut water quickly evolves from a staple in the ethnic foods aisle to a mainstay in grocery and natural food stores. Vita Coco® becomes a household name, attracting super-fans and celebrity investors that catapult the brand to stardom. Now they’ve begun to release their products worldwide with the mission to keep their ingredients healthy and stay true to their origins.


Where do the coconuts come from?
  • Our coconuts are sourced from small family farms in Southeast Asia and Brazil.
Where do you currently ship to?
  • We deliver tasty coconut water anywhere within the United States. Shipping fees may vary.
Are your products from concentrate?
  • To bring you the freshest, most accessible coconut water possible, we rely on sourcing coconuts from small family farms in tropical locations around the world. Although, with the challenges of the past year and a half, we had to supplement some of our not from concentrate coconut water flavors with coconut water from concentrate to make sure we didn’t go out of stock. We’re still using the same high-quality coconuts from the same small family farms, and they still taste the same and have all of the same nutrients, electrolytes and vitamins – they’re just a little easier to get from tree to shelf.
Where are your products bottled?
  • All over the globe – including in Southeast Asia, Brazil, UK, the US, and Canada.
How are Vita Coco products made?
  • They pick and crack the best coconuts before extracting the coconut water. Once extracted, they filter the coconut water and standardize the flavor profile by adding Vitamin C and 1% sugar, since their coconuts are sourced from all around the world. Then the coconut water is pasteurized, aseptically packaged, and palletized, before it makes its way across the world to people like you!
When will my Vita Coco order arrive?
  • All orders are processed Monday-Friday and typically shipped within two business days of the order date. Shipping and handling times may vary based upon location. Northeast- 1-2 days South- 2-4 days Midwest- 2-3 days West- 3-5 days Allow for additional processing times during holidays and peak selling periods.