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Purely Elizabeth Premium Granolas and Hot Cereals

Elizabeth Stein of Purely Elizabeth

Elizabeth Stein wrote the words “Start a natural foods company” down on a blank piece of paper while sitting in class at holistic nutrition school. The goal was simple: provide healthier, better-tasting alternatives to what is currently out there using the incredibly powerful superfoods. Elizabeth Stein did start her company, Purely Elizabeth, shortly after the 2007/2008 economic recession.


Stein discovered that in 2007, the gluten-free market was lacking in healthy products, but full of products made with inexpensive ingredients, and lacking in nutrient density. So she created a “premium” product line of baking mixes and granolas to offer better options to health-conscious and gluten-free consumers.


In her first three years, the Purely Elizabeth brand famous for their granola had 230-260% year-over-year growth, while offering what was considered a “premium” product in category that had been filled with sugary granola made with inexpensive ingredients. Experts speculated they would not be able to retain that fast growth but despite all odds managed to keep up its rapid pace and continue to thrive.


Keto Certified Granolas and Hot Cereals from Purely Elizabeth


Purely Elizabeth has found success in the keto community with its line of Keto Certified granolas and hot cereals. Purely Elizabeth’s ingredients are always intentional, like chia seeds or premium coconut sugar that provides a satisfying salty-sweet flavor to each delicious product.


In the past decade, there has been a shift in Americans’ eating habits and dietary needs. A movement towards mindful living that prioritizes health over convenience is bringing about an increase of more “better-for-you” products on grocery store shelves such as Purely Elizabeth’s Keto Certified granolas. These cereals are not only calorie conscious but they also boast high levels of quality ingredients including MCT oil to help fuel your morning routine!


In today’s society, people are more aware of what they put into their bodies. As a result, there is an increase in the number of “better-for-you” products on grocery store shelves such as Purely Elizabeth Keto Certified Granolas that offer high-quality ingredients and calorie-conscious options for those looking to lose weight or just eat healthier. In addition to providing a satisfying salty-sweet flavor with premium coconut sugar, these cereals also boast MCT oil to help fuel your morning routine! Visit Purely Elizabeth’s Keto Certified listing now to add some new healthy snacks to your weekly rotation.