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Purely Pecans, the Peanut Butter Substitute to Try If Your Kid Has Allergies


In recent years, food allergies have been on the rise. A 2017 study reports that peanut allergy in children had increased by 21% since 2010 and now over 2 million US kids may be at risk of being allergic to peanuts!  Many grocery shoppers have opted for Purely Pecans pecan butter instead of peanut butter thanks to its peanut-free profile, but also for its low-carb count. While some reviewers were initially hesitant to try because peanuts had always been their go-to nut butter of choice, many say they now prefer the flavor profile more than what is typically found with other brands on store shelves today. And just as the name implies, it’s truly “Pure.”

Purely Pecans offers several other flavors, including cinnamon sugar and organic maple walnut. Purely Pecans is an all-natural product that’s certified Paleo, gluten-free, and Keto Certified. Pure pecans are ground into a buttery spread with no added ingredients or preservatives; just 100% pure pecan butter with sea salt or spices for flavor.

One serving (one tablespoon) of Purely Pecans has just 2 grams of net carbs and 170 calories. We love that there are only two ingredients in this product, because it makes it super easy to read a label and spot exactly what you’re eating. In addition to enjoying Purely Pecans as a delicious spread on your favorite low-carb bread or on keto pancakes or waffles, the makers also suggest trying it alongside fruits and berries for a healthy fat snack.

“Purely” is right; there’s nothing else added here! Just pure pecan butter with sea salt – truly nuttin’ but pecan butter! You can definitely taste the difference—no sugar additives, no fillers, just pecans.  Of course, if you wanted something that tastes like a nutty-sweetened peanut butter—you’d have to add some sweetener yourself. So this isn’t for folks who are on the more savory side of the keto spectrum. But it’s definitely great in those recipes which call for nut butters as an ingredient (and don’t want added sugars). Or you can try combining it with some other keto spreads/dips as suggested above!

The World Loves Purely Pecan Nut Butter


The taste averages 4 stars on Amazon reviews. Here’s what reviewers say:

“I tried this product hoping it would be a lower carb alternative to peanut butter and so glad I did. It has that roasted pecan flavor but smooth and creamy unlike most nut butters. I have used this in my bulletproof coffee, on toast or just by the spoon !” – Heather W

“This is amazingly good. Price is great too compared to all of the other brands out there.” – DaffyDuckling69

“I picked up a jar at Whole Foods and was hooked instantly! It’s now an everyday treat for me……cinnamon sugar with a touch of cream cheese on top….heavenly!! This brand is also sold at Sprouts which are way more cost-effective than Amazon pricing. Definitely recommend!” – K M.

“I’ve tried many paleo nut butters and this one tops them all! It has a mild flavor of roasted pecans which is perfect!”-Grace S

Why not Give Pecan Butter a Go?


Pecan butter isn’t as common as peanut or almond butters, so if you don’t like the idea of tasting something new give this product a miss. But if you do decide to try it anyway, there aren’t many other options in terms of nut-based peanut butter substitutes that will satisfy those cravings quite like it.

Purely Pecans Keto Certified nut butters are sold on Amazon in 8 oz jars, which is enough to last you a few weeks (especially if you’re only using it as an occasional snack). But if you fall in love with Purely Pecans nut butters like the Amazon reviewers did, be sure to stock up.

A peanut allergy can have a major impact on someone’s life. That is why Purely Pecans pecan butter is a great substitute for those who are allergic to peanuts, with its low carb count and high protein content as well as being made from 100% natural ingredients. We hope you will give it a try!