Keto Certified FAQs

Because we are currently experiencing a high work volume, we request that all non-urgent inquiries be sent to  However, the most common pre-certification inquiries are answered here on our Keto Certified FAQs page.  If you do not find the answer you are looking for,  please email

Keto Certified FAQs and Frequently Asked Questions about Keto Diet Product Certification

Keto Certification FAQs


How long does Keto Certification take?

Verification for the Keto Certified Program takes an average of 6-8 weeks.  This process is greatly impacted by the responsiveness of suppliers, and their ability to supply documentation in a timely manner.  To improve the speed of your approval process, producers will want to notify their suppliers that the Paleo Foundation will be contacting them for ingredients statements and specifications. 


What if I need my products Keto Certified faster?

If a 10-business-day expedition is required, an additional $1,000.00 fee will be assessed.*  If a 24-hour rush order is required, a $2,000.00 fee will be assessed.*   If adding additional products exceeds your allowed product limit per year (10), an additional 50$ charge will also be assessed. 

*The rush begins once payment and supplier information are both submitted.  A 24-hour rush is not available to companies that submit more than 5 products to be reviewed at once.  The rush fee does not guarantee that all applications can be rushed through as the process depends on the company and the supplier’s ability to supply the required information in a timely manner. A refund of the rush fee will be issued if the process cannot be rushed for the selected period.


How much does Keto Certification Cost?

The cost of Keto Certification is based on annual revenues,  the number of products that are being applied for, and the number of years to be certified for.  Cost calculations may be completed through the application. 


What happens if I do not pass my audit?

If your product does not meet our Keto Certified program standards, you may:

1.  Make necessary changes to your products.
2. May apply for an alternative program.
3. Halt the certification process for a full refund.


Can I send my nutrition facts for preliminary verification?

We no longer allow preliminary verification of products through email as allowing this in the past had become grossly abused.  However, allowed ingredients may be found on the Keto Certification Standards page.  If you have a question about a specific ingredient, you may email us through our contact form, or send an email to


What is included in standard Keto Certification?

Keto Certified Logos, Permissions Letters,  and a customized page for Keto Certified brands and their products on the Keto Certification website.


What if I have a new product that I need Keto Certified?

Each license period covers 10 different products.  However, submitting new products will require an additional 6-8 weeks to audit.   Submitting new products will require an additional 10-12 weeks to audit.  If certification expedition is required, an additional fee will be assessed.  If adding additional products exceeds your allowed product limit, an additional 30$ charge may also be assessed per additional product.