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Barney Butter

Barney Butter’s California almonds are grown right in our own back yard in Central Valley, California and then processed in our own 100% peanut free and certified organic facility.

They use only the finest quality ingredients, including organic and fair trade when possible. All of their Barney Butter products are peanut free and gluten free, and all but Honey + Flax are Non GMO Verified. They make all of their artisan, small batch almond butters in their state of the art facility.

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About The Brand

Barney Butter has a nutty love story that involves a random introduction in sunny southern California, a shared passion and dream for “making something positive for the world,” and a splash of serendipitous circumstances that led them to Fresno, and a little almond butter company trying to get off the ground. They have been spreading the love about Barney Butter ever since.

They believe in leaving things better than they found them. That means the earth, the people whose lives they touch, and yes – even your sandwich. Barney Butter buys 100% of their almonds from local growers, also reducing the carbon waste produced from shipping the millions of pounds of almonds they process annually.


Is Barney Butter a more premium product than other nut butters?
  • Barney Butter uses only the very top quality California almonds, which they then blanch (take the skin off) before grinding. This results in the ultra smooth taste and texture of their nut butters that are completely unique to Barney Butter. In addition to using only BEST California almonds, they have also transitioned to all organic, fair-trade ingredients, where possible. Ingredients matter.
What is the new requirement for almond pasteurization, and does it affect all almonds?
  • Effective September 1, 2007, almonds produced in California and sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico are required to be pasteurized prior to sale. This effectively covers all almonds grown in the U.S., because the entire U.S. almond crop is grown in California.
How do you pasteurize your almonds?
  • All of their almonds are steam pasteurized and PPO free.
At what temperatures are your raw almond butters produced?
  • Heat is generated by friction during the grinding process of our almond butters; this is the only head their raw almonds are exposed to other than the steam pasteurization.
What are the benefits of Barney Butter being a manufacturer vs. using a co-packer like other nut butters?
  • They make all of their own almond butters in small batches in their facility in Fresno, CA. Their facility is certified peanut free and their products remain free from cross contamination with other tree nuts (coconut being the exception), dairy, eggs, grain, and seed products. Barney Butter has not been impacted by the recalls affecting many nut butters using co-packers.
What certifications does Barney Butter have?
  • All Barney Butter almond butters are certified peanut free and Kosher. All Barney Butter products with the exception of Honey + Flax are verified Non-GMO and certified vegan. Honey + Flax cannot be verified Non-GMO because honey can’t be verified and cannot be certified vegan because honey is not vegan.

Brand Recipes

Decadence can happen with anything, including a martini!
This classic muffin combination just got a whole lot “butter”.
Don’t worry, this recipe tastes a whole lot better than actual puppy food.
Get a taste of s’mores like you never have before!
A healthy and enjoyable snack for morning or night!
Creamy chocolate, added almond butter, vegan? What could be better.