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The Foraging Fox

At the Foraging Fox we are committed to crafting new and exciting recipes and using only the best ingredients to create unrivalled flavours.

Innovation and adventure is at the heart of each one of our recipes and award winning range; from ketchups to free range flavoured mayos and now the UK’s first keto friendly salsas! So join us and grab a jar (or three) and discover better as we bring new experiences and tastes to your plate and elevate the everyday into extraordinary.

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About the Brand

Our story began in 2015 with a homegrown vegetable patch and a heap of apples and beetroot that would have otherwise gone to waste. Instead of throwing them away we threw in our creativity and cooked up a brand new concept … an all-natural ketchup made of beetroot and sweetened with apples! Turns out we weren’t the only ones who thought this was a good idea and before long our beetroot ketchups went from a fold out table at a London trade show to being enjoyed in homes across the country!

But what started as a happy chance soon became a mission for our Co-Founder and CEO, Desiree Parker, who went on to create a range of pantry essentials that would be the best you could find in flavor, health and quality. Today The Foraging Fox product line extends to 6 delicious and unique flavoured mayonnaises, tomato ketchups, our brand new salsa line and more beyond! We take pride in discovering new ways of creating exciting recipes, using new ingredients like coconut sugar for a healthier sweetness in our salsas, using healthier oils to make fresh and light emulsions in our mayonnaise and using rich tomatoes in our ketchups to create a gourmet take on a household staple. In buying one of our products you can be confident that we have used the best quality ingredients, sourced locally. So join us in our journey and DISCOVER BETTER


What makes The Foraging Fox unique?
  • First and foremost, everything we do is about creating bold and exciting, first to market flavours, We use on-trend superfood ingredients such as avocado oil, turmeric, coconut sugar and beetroot to create recipes made for all types of cuisine – the world really is at your door when you buy one of our products! Secondly, we believe that every product we make should taste like it was just made at home and careful planning and attention to detail means that every mouthful should taste as fresh as it would be, made in your own kitchen! All in all and finally, I would argue that we represent the healthy choice for our customers. We’ve won over 30 awards in the USA and the UK for taste, innovation and people’s choice – we’ve been judged by critics, chefs, consumers, dieticians and retailers and strive to create better pantry item essentials every day.
In three sentences, why did you start The Foraging Fox?
  • I co-founded The Foraging Fox 7 years ago because I saw an opportunity to shake things up! My goal is to create delicious food that everyone can enjoy using new ingredients to help boost our every-day meals. As a mum of two I know how hard it can be to bring something new to the table not to mention something that I feel happy to give to my own children from a nutritional perspective, so every recipe we create at The Foraging Fox is imbued with that sense of adventure and ambition!
How does The Foraging Fox improve or enhance its customer’s life at mealtime?
  • Simple … our goal is to elevate the everyday into extraordinary!
If you had a plane ticket for each of the flavours, describe each destination for each flavor?
  • Oh this will be fun! OK for me it looks something like this: Smoked Garlic Mayo: France and more specifically Provence! Smoked Jalapeno Mayo: Rio de Janeiro! Avocado & Lemon Mayo: Barcelona Spiced Turmeric Mayo: Marakech Miso Mayo: Osaka Classic Tomato Salsa: Mexico City Mango Habanero Salsa: Havana Smoky Chipotle Salsa: Buenos Aires
Is your range organic?
  • Our Mayo and Salsa range is Non-GMO certified but not organic. We don’t believe that the extra cost of sourcing organic ingredients across the board is necessarily worth it and whilst we source the best possible ingredients another aspect we need to think about is price and whether what we offer is the best affordable solution.
Where are your salsas made?
  • We are very proud to say that our salsa line is made using traditional methods in small batches in the UK. Whilst not immediately available in the USA or Canada we will endeavour to create this exciting range on US soil soon! Stay tuned!

Brand Recipes

Bring on the taste of summer with this zesty salmon and avocado burger.
This is such a delicious weekend brunch option. It’s quick and simple to make with very few ingredients.
These prawn tacos are drizzled with The Foraging Fox Avocado & Lemon Mayo for a foxy and fun twist to a your classic Mexican dish.
For an exotic dish that the whole family will love, try our asian fishcakes dipped in our coconut, chilli and lime mayo!