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DELICIOUS Keto snack with only 2g NET carbs, 7g HEALTHY fats, and 4g protein per serving of 2 bites. They are Vegan/Plant based, Vegetarian, Gluten free, non-GMO, and Keto Certified. Keto Bites are made in Canada by one of the fastest growing Canadian Keto/low carb lifestyle brands.

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Ancient Keto is all about YOU. YOUR health, YOUR well-being, and YOUR satisfaction. We are on a global mission to contribute towards ending metabolic syndrome in which your diet has such a BIG impact on. All of our snacks and supplements are created with that mission in mind. We don’t deviate from our cause and that ALWAYS results in a product that is GOOD for you with the added bonus of tasting pretty darn good. We don’t get along well with sugar so you’ll find absolutely ZERO added sugar in our products.

Ancient Keto was founded by a 25-year-old driven entrepreneur with a true passion for products that are good for you yet taste just as good as their sugary counterparts. The difference between our brand and the large corporate brands? We don’t sell a Keto bar AND a chocolate bar loaded with 20g of sugar. We actually CARE about our consumers and that is evident in the ingredients of our products.

We are also on a mission to educate consumers on a different perspective to Keto. You see, mainstream Keto is promoted as an effective means to weight loss. Although this is true with several scientific studies backing it up, Keto is SO MUCH MORE than weight loss. In fact, we believe Keto is HEALTH. When following a Ketogenic or low carb lifestyle, you’re essentially restricting two of the main culprits behind so many non-genetic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol: carbohydrate and sugar. This is the awareness Ancient Keto is trying to raise. You don’t only need to want to lose weight to go on Keto, you can follow Keto just for the simple fact of wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

Ancient Keto is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.

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