Armra is committed to rebuilding health from the inside out. They use proprietary, low-heat extraction technology and leverage immune intelligence to protect and restore.

This brand focuses on harnessing the power of colostrum and its 200+ bioactive nutrients, they bring together technology and superfood science, to empower you to face the modern world head on. Their founder is Dr. Sarah Rahal, MD – a double board-certified pediatric neurologist with expertise in environmental and functional medicine.

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Our Mission

Dr. Rahal is a constant seeker of knowledge, research, and what lies beyond the status quo. After years of clinical work in the hospital and running a busy pediatric practice, she was alarmed by the boom in chronic diseases she saw across young patients.

Dr. Sarah Rahal uncovered the troubling role modern environmental factors like pollutants, pesticides, refined sugars, processed ingredients, and unregulated chemicals in home and body products played in dictating negative health outcomes. Her foundational approach to medicine led her to a deeper appreciation of the importance of restoring balance to the immune system, the unrivaled power of the body to repair itself, and the urgency of equipping the body with the right nutrients to do so. After years of research and development of ARMRA’s technology, Dr. Rahal launched the company in 2020 with a mission to minimize the modern environmental impact on human health..


ARMRA is KETO Certified, by the Paleo Foundation

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