Bakery On Main

Bakery On Main

From our humble beginning in the bakery of a natural foods market in Glastonbury, CT until today, we always have been dedicated to providing delicious, celiac-safe gluten-free foods that our customers need to live a healthy, happy lifestyle!

Whether you’re hiking, working, or enjoying a late-night snack, Bakery On Main’s Trail Trek Blend grain-free clusters are packed full of ingredients that provide energy for your body. Enjoy the delicious taste of maple vanilla or chocolate with added MCT from coconut oil for a delightful Paleo breakfast or snack.



Bakery On Main Founder

Bakery on Main’s Mission

At Bakery On Main, we believe there is a better way to fuel our bodies and care for our health. From our humble beginning in the bakery of a natural foods market until today, we have one thing in mind: to craft the most healthful and delicious gluten-free food on earth, period.

Founded in 1992, our story began as a bakery inside a small natural foods market on Main Street in Glastonbury, Connecticut. It was there that we discovered our passion for creating delicious gluten-free and celiac-friendly breakfast and snack foods that could be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of dietary wants and needs. We abundantly believe that everyone should have the option to experience a satiating meal that doesn’t sacrifice taste for healthiness. To indulge in a snack that’s filling and nutritious. Bakery On Main promises simple, effortless eating and snacking, and that’s how we make life easy on Main Street.

Bakery on Main is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.