Blue Stripe Urban Cacao

Blue Stripe Urban Cacao

Blue Stripes upcycled the cacao fruit to maximize it’s superfood benefits!

Blue Stripes uses a unique processing technique with their cacao beans that allows them to keep the nutrient rich cacao pods (shell and fruit). Now, they offer a wide variety of products that cater to everyone’s needs, they’ve also introduced the first ever cacao water, with no sugar added.

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Blue Stripe Urban Cacao Owners

Blue Stripe Urban Cacao’s Mission

Blue Stripes Urban Cacao was founded on nothing more than passion for chocolate and the dream to create something truly different. 25 years ago, the founder Max Brenner, went on his journey to master his craft.

Seven years ago, he left his chocolate creation and took a long five years sabbatical. Put aside his Willy Wonka hat and went to the other side of chocolate, its unknown wild side – Cacao‭. ‬On a trip to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica he met an incredible person that changed his life forever with a ‬”Jamaican Cacao Breakfast”‭- ‬a beverage that enlightened him to prepare chocolate beverages and dishes straight from the source all while retaining it’s natural, wild flavors.

Blue Stripe Urban Cacao is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.