CetoPan Santa María

CetoPan Santa María

With CetoPan, bread returns to many tables!

CetoPan’s biggest challenge is to offer the alternative and the impulse to stop eating bread, but without giving it up. By trial and error we have managed to create bakery products that stand out for their versatility, their textures, and flavors, but above all, for being VERY LOW IN CARBOHYDRATES.

There are different products in the market that claim to be healthy but really are not, our main goal is to give the consumer a choice free of sugars, grains, corn, soybeans and inflammatory ingredients. We believe that products have to be what they say they are, our products are high in fiber, low in carbohydrates and contain healthy proteins and fats that provide a stable source of energy and satiety.


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CetoPan Santa María

CetoPan Santa María’s Mission

Our focus is a limited variety of products but massive, we work through dispatch and distribute to various emporiums throughout Chile and retail. We have various breads and cakes, as well as other products, all with the same common denominator… VERY LOW IN CARBOHYDRATES!

After acquiring the ketogenic diet with my wife, we dedicated ourselves to cooking a lot at home and after many failed attempts, we came up with a very good recipe for bread and we began to consume it regularly. My wife came up with the idea, in February 2018, and she asked me; And why don’t we sell this? I was skeptical and at first I did not find it feasible. She began to market it. She made four loaves and they literally… sold like hot cakes! The next day she did nine… word began to spread, and today we have a family business that is our first business.

CetoPan Santa María is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.