Cucina Antica

Cucina Antica

Cucina Antica believes in community, good food, and naturally sourced tomatoes that produce quality results.

Cucina Antica wants to offer a products that can be enjoyed by families everywhere while leading back to it’s Italian heritage. After identifying a need for high-quality, Italian pasta sauce in the retail industry, Chef Neil founded Cucina Antica Foods Corp. They use only the most premium, healthy ingredients to bring homemade, authentic Italian flavor to your home.



Cucina Antica Owner

Cucina Antica’s Mission

Chef Neil Fusco grew up on a small farm in Southern Italy, where hard work was a part of everyday life. Every morning, he and his family rose with the sun and walked the mile-long trek to the tomato fields.

In 1972, the Fusco family immigrated to New York, where Chef Neil began working in the food industry, first as a restaurant owner and chef, and then as the founder of Cucina Antica. In building Cucina Antica Foods, Corp., Chef Neil’s goal is to offer a quality product that families can feel good about sharing around the kitchen table, the same way harvesting tomatoes built a bond between his own family. With each jar of Cucina Antica sauce, you bring the true, homemade taste of Italy to your home.

Cucina Antica is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.