Global Nomadic Products

Global Nomadic Products

Global Nomadic Products creates the freshest yak ghee anyone can find. With all natural ingredients and specially sourced from yak farmers, this certified paleo and keto products is sure to give you quality.

Global Nomadic Product collects fresh milk every morning from their farmers in Khangai, Tsahir and Tariat sub-districts of Arkhangai Province. This is where the majority of their yaks are concentrated, and they produce traditional milk and dairy products for domestic, Japanese and US markets including yak ghee.


Global Nomadic Owner

Global Nomadic’s Mission

On October 2017 Global Nomadic Products LLC was established in Mongolia. They quickly rose to have agreements of trade in Japan and the United States. As they realized that their company would continue to grow, they hired on new employees, found top notch production facilities, and made sure that their products were ethically sourced. Global Nomadic Products continued to expand their business and introduce new products as time went on.

Apart from many similar organizations, Global Nomadic Products locally sources their raw materials from over 300 local herding families and cooperatives. This makes their products unique and as fresh as possible while also giving back to their local economy. It’s been the mission of Global Nomadic Products to ensure the best for their customers and the community that supports them. In 2022, their ghee became the first product in Mongolia to receive the internationally recognized Paleo and Keto certificates.

Global Nomadic is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.