Hoody’s Keto Trail Mix

Hoody’s Keto Trail Mix

Hoody’s — a leading U.S. purveyor of fine nuts & snacks since 1913.

In our ongoing quest for excellence, the world is our supermarket when it comes to finding the highest quality, best-tasting nuts, ingredients and spices. From superior in-shell Virginia peanuts to choice California almonds to savory Vietnamese cashews, we bring you the best.



Hoody’s Trail Mix Founders

Hoody’s Trail Mix’s Mission

Hoody’s is a nuts & snacks company with roots stretching back nearly 100 years. Early in the 20th Century in Oregon, Dutch immigrant A.C. Hoodenpyle worked hard to provide for his family. In 1913 he started selling freshly roasted peanuts and found an eager market for them. Known as “Hoody” by his friends and satisfied customers, he branched out into other peanut products and opened a storefront.

Today, Hoody’s brand products are found in supermarkets, in convenience stores and at baseball games. They’re also in demand among clients that include mass merchandisers, food manufacturers, and food service companies.

Hoody’s is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.