KC Natural BBQ Sauce

KC Natural BBQ Sauce

Whether you are allergic to tomatoes or want to avoid nightshades altogether, it can be difficult to find tasty substitutes for your favorite sauces and condiments.

With our line of Paleo AIP friendly products, you can finally enjoy the flavors you’ve been missing, without having to spend hours looking up recipes and making them from scratch in your kitchen. We started KC Natural as a BBQ sauce company several years ago with the mission to make allergen free sauces that everyone will enjoy, no matter what their dietary needs or preferences. Once we realized how much people love our Mastodon and Primal Cherry BBQ sauces, we decided to make tomato free pasta sauce, ketchup, and salsa. We even figured out a way to make a mustard-free mustard, made with butternut squash, honey and horseradish – and it tastes AMAZING.



Product Display KC Natural BBQ Sauce - Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation

KC Natural BBQ Sauce

Our Mission

KC Natural was founded in 2015 with a purpose: To make delicious gluten-free BBQ sauces accessible to all BBQ lovers. The sudden popularity of our Mastodon AIP BBQ sauce led to the creation of our tart cherry –infused Primal Cherry blend. These two first-ever AIP-friendly BBQ sauces were such a hit, because they were needed – and delicious.

This new inspiration led to the creation of our brand new no-tomato pasta sauce and tomato-free ketchup products. In late 2017, we will also debut a seed-free mustard style product with a honey Dijon flavor. We hope that our new line of condiments will continue to delight and inspire those with food sensitivities.


KC Natural BBQ Sauce is KETO Certified, by the Paleo Foundation

KC Natural BBQ Sauce Logo - KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation