Barely Bread: Grain-free Loaves & Baguettes

Our purpose is simple: to delight and reward people who want to live healthier lives.

Our grain-free loaves, bagels, baguettes and buns put bread back on your Yes list. Amazing flavor and nutrition without a speck of grain. We are restoring bread’s rightful place at the table — without the grain, guilt or guesswork.

Barely Bread is 100% GRAIN-FREE, inherently gluten-free, and great-tasting! We don’t use ANY of the high-carb alternative flours such as potato starch or rice flour that other typical gluten-free breads contain (which often cause spikes in blood sugar and can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and more).

Unlike grain-based bread (or simply gluten-free bread), our products are high in fiber, low in carbohydrates and contain both protein and healthy fats, which help to slow digestion and provide a stable source of energy. All of our products are designed to keep you feeling satisfied and truly nourished.

We are proud to say that our breads, bagels, baguettes, and rolls all taste and perform like traditional grain-based breads (after three years of meticulous R&D)! They are versatile enough to use as you would your typical loaf or slice – toasted with a thick layer of nut butter, smothered in avocado, piled high with turkey, layered in condiments, or whipped into a big batch of French toast.



Keto Certified Barely Bread

The wholesome tastes we grew up with have been replaced by too many strange ingredients and mysterious substitutes. For people who avoid grain, the options are more bleak: Gluten-free loaves that claim to be healthy but load up on extra carbs and sugar; so-called “Paleo” bread with its odd taste and limp texture. No thank you. We think it’s time to embrace what we honestly love about eating… and lose what we don’t. That’s why we created Barely Bread.

By replacing wheat with a blend of almond, seed, and coconut flours, we create loaves with a perfect mix of health benefits, texture and taste and suitable for those on a ketogenic diet.

About Us

Our founder Amanda created Barely Bread, in her own kitchen, when she was dissatisfied with the heavily-processed “traditional” breads, carb-heavy “bakery” breads, and the bad-tasting “health” breads currently on the market. Although she wasn’t trying to create grain-free bread (or even gluten-free bread) in that moment, she wanted a bread with CLEAN, honest ingredients that she could enjoy every day without the multitude of sins now associated with bread and other baked goods: the refined ingredients with very few nutrients, the starches known to cause blood sugar spikes, and the potential bloating and inflammation associated with gluten.

Months of experimenting with various nut and seed flours (all coincidentally without a speck of grain) eventually produced a bread that met her high standards of nutrition, held up to toasting and spreading, and most importantly, tasted good enough for her Italian, bread-loving husband! Any other whole wheat, sprouted-grain, gluten-free, or low-carb bread simply didn’t stack up from a taste, performance or nutrition standpoint.

After researching the benefits of a grain-free lifestyle, Amanda fully understood the importance of Barely Bread to the marketplace. It’s been a gratifying achievement to bring a “staple” like bread back to the table for those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, and diabetes; as well as those adhering to a grain-free, paleo, or low-carb diet; and those simply trying to follow a clean, minimally-processed, preservative-free lifestyle!

“I wanted to create bread so wonderful, I’d be proud to serve it to anyone — from gluten-free guests to people who just love good food.”

– Amanda Orso, Founder