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Creation Nation’s Energy Bite Mix “Cocoa for Coconuts” was Nominated “Best Paleo Bar” in Paleo Magazine and is Paleo and Keto Certified! Moist & chocolatey with a crave-able coconut crunch; powered with organic plant-based protein & superfoods. Simply add coconut oil and a little honey or date syrup for classic Paleo Energy Bites; or coffee & nut butter for Keto Fat Balls… then mix & roll. Fresh is best, and you deserve that!

Creation Nation’s Protein Bar Mix “Peas Love & Cocoa” is Vegan and Keto Certified! Enjoy the power of organic pea protein (USA), the brownie-like deliciousness of organic cocoa, and the satisfying crunch of almonds, chocolate chips & coconut in this recipe. Now DIY Protein Bars are easy & fun! Simply add water, milk or mashed bananas, plus your favorite nut butter or coconut oil. Makes 8 bars (or 24 balls) starting with 12g protein and 5g net carbs per bar. Finally an alternative to glorified candy bars since YOU control the sugars!

Creation Nation’s Protein Bar Mix “Whey Hip Chocolate Chip” is Paleo-Friendly and Keto Certified! Make insanely delicious, low-carb protein bars by simply adding water or milk, plus your favorite nut butter or ghee. Makes 8 Bars (or 24 Balls) with 14g protein and 5g net carbs per bar. Powered with grass-fed whey protein and organic brazil nut protein for DIY protein bar perfection. Finally an alternative to glorified candy bars, or suffering with gas & bloating from ingredients in most low carb bars. Want to know what a fresh, wholesome bar really tastes like?? This is it!

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Keto Certified Creation Nation

Since 2014, Creation Nation has been leading a DIY Protein Bar Revolution with the world’s first Protein Bar Mixes. Now you can make your own real, fresh bars & bites at home in minutes! No-bake, easy as a protein shake, and YOU control the sugars. Our certified Paleo and Keto mixes empower you with the ability to customize your bars & bites to your taste and nutrition needs, and save money too. Simply mix, roll, and have a ball!

Since the 1980’s, we’ve been settling for stale protein bars in wrappers made with poor-quality ingredients and unhealthy processes & preservatives. Most are nothing more than a glorified candy bar, far from personalized to your taste & nutrition needs.

Fresh, real food perishes as nature intended. But processed, pre-made protein bars are able to sit on the shelf (or refrigerator) for up to a year… Yikes! A fresh, homemade bar is better for you & simply tastes much better too. And you deserve that!

About Us

Since 2014, Creation Nation has been on a mission of empowerment, leading a DIY Protein Bar Revolution with the world’s first Protein Bar Mixes!

Karen Nation, Founder and Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, whole-heartedly understands that taste & nutrition are not one size fits all. After years of settling for expensive, stale bars full of sugars, preservatives, and ingredients she didn’t want, Karen started to make her own homemade bars instead. Her clients loved her recipes and wanted to make their own too (for the same reasons we all love making our own smoothies: fresher, healthier, more delicious, and customizable). But, unfortunately there wasn’t an easy way to DIY bars & bites. So Karen set out on a mission to change that!

“I wanted to give ultimate control back to YOU whether you’re Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Keto or simply health conscious. Now no one has to settle! Creation Nation makes it easy & fun for anyone to make fresh, no-bake bars & bites with endless possibilities. I hope you feel empowered to raise the bar and have a ball! Because fresh is best for you & your family.”