Do Vitamins: Dietary Supplements


Purity and performance; no pollutants.

Craft the cleanest, best-performing dietary supplements.

We source the cleanest, most-studied ingredients and make them into incredible supplements that help you optimize your health and fitness. By the way, we define “clean” as containing NO silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, additives, GMOs, harmful chemicals, fillers, flow agents, dyes, colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, “natural flavors,” preservatives, toxins, drugs, lies, and more.

Provide assurance through analysis

We don’t just claim the above, we prove it using multiple tests and certifications by unbiased and objective third parties. We didn’t just invent clean sports nutrition, we prove it. Have total confidence in our total transparency.

Raise the standard by which supplements are sold

3rd party testing is a major part of this, but we’re also talking about marketing. There is a lot of evil in the supplement industry, particularly in the sales tactics. We challenge accepted industry practices with our demonstrable values of honesty, integrity, and accountability.

Plus, we Do Good: Every unit we sell donates one year of vitamins for a child in need via our partnership with Vitamin Angels.

And have fun doing it.

We take our products and their development extremely seriously, but not ourselves. Health is the big picture here, and we believe in proactive health: nutritious food, fun exercise, friends, family, laughter – and of course – clean, high-quality, tested supplements.


Keto Certified Do Vitamins

We began Do Vitamins as a reaction. First, a reaction to a huge disconnect in thinking. Advancements in conscious eating and workout performance were simply unmet by vitamin and sport supplement companies. Eat obsessively for optimal athletic performance, yet supplement with untested, chemically-laden trash? Meh, no thanks.

In addition to being based on no data and outright lies, we knew these products were harmful at best, lethal at worst. Sports nutrition, for the last 50 years, was (and still is) being sold by touting how “extreme” it is, and how close to performance-enhancing drugs it can be, by using photos of bodybuilders on steroids. We think this is false advertising, sometimes called: lying. Deeply troubled by 2011 deaths on US Military bases believed to have been caused by pre-workout supplements containing the now-thankfully-banned ingredient, dimethylamylamine (DMAA), we heeded our call to purity and PurePump® was born. PurePump® was the first pure pre-workout supplement, and by some estimations, it remains the only one.

Second, we also knew that the lies were catching up with the supplement industry. Just last year (2015), herbal products for sale in national chains were tested and contained none of the ingredients listed on their label! The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate dietary supplements the same way it regulates pharmaceutical drugs, a fact which has led to much misunderstanding, consumer distrust, and shameful exploitation. Historically, many unscrupulous businesspeople have entered the dietary supplement business seeing the loose-ness and shades of grey as an opportunity. We also see it as an opportunity: To be the most honest company in the game sets us apart. (By the way, there are even brands now touting “clean” but still hiding behind proprietary blends and zero 3rd party testing. It’s a dirty game, people.)

What began as a series of reactions has evolved into pro-action. Our product line has grown, and so has our list of industry-firsts and industry-onlys. PurePump® got a sister, PostPump®, the cleanest post-workout recovery formula available. WonderWhey®, our organic grass-fed whey protein powder, has been embraced by hundreds of professional baseball players looking for the ultimate purity in protein. While “established” brands make their Nordic fish oil out of Peruvian fish, we use certified sustainably caught wild fish from Alaska in AlphaOmega®. We even invented the world’s first supplement for healthy facial hair, VitaBeard®. Recently, we topped off our certification lineup with IGEN®, and our entire product line has been verified GMO free within <0.1% – the highest standard in the world. We’re the only company who can say that about our entire product line and we’d be proud if wasn’t just simply how we Do things.

We Do Vitamins because we believe in the incredible benefit of good supplements. Good supplements can be the difference in winning a game, or breaking a record, or lifting the weight that makes you feel like your best self. In some cases, quality vitamins can even mean the difference between life and death. We believe in supplements because we know the good ones work. But evil supplements and the historically unethical, dishonest marketing that have accompanied them, are a scourge on health and consumer trust. Discerning, conscious consumers demand purity and performance from their supplements, and we will continue to make them to that level when nobody else will. We Do Vitamins as a total revolution in philosophy, product, and business practice. Our products that do what they say, contain what their labels say, and prove it to you with analytical data.

And that’s not even the best part.

All this hyper-perfectionism, ingredient obsession, and rigorous testing – you know what it’s brought us? The best customers in the industry. Thank you for your business and support of our cause.

Don’t do drugs. Do Vitamins.®

Do Vitamins are Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation.