Hungry Buddha Keto Bars

Hungry Buddha Keto Bars

Not all bars are created equal. Hungry Buddha Keto Bars are the clean, plant-based bars that you’ve been searching for. Available in three delicious flavours, each bar is Keto certified, Vegan certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, and nut-free. Packed with healthy fats from MCT oil and sunflower seed butter, Hungry Buddha® Keto Bars have 9g of plant-protein, 2g or less of sugar, and only 4g of net carbs.

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About Hungry Buddha

At Buddha Brands, the mini but mighty coconut is king. Using our favourite wonder food, we make Thirsty Buddha® Coconut Water, Hungry Buddha® Coconut Chips and Jerky, and Healthy Buddha™ Coconut Nectar and Vinegar.

From a single coconut fruit, you can eat the coconut fruit and oil, drink coconut water and milk, use the coconut husk and oil for clean biofuel, and use the fibres to make shelter, clothing, and anything else you can think of.

Coconuts are super sustainable since they require so little water to grow. They’re also as healthy as fruits come, since they’re sources of healthy fats, essential vitamins and minerals. Superfood almost doesn’t cut it as a title, right?

Buddha Brands believes that using multiple parts of the coconut is a sustainable approach that can maximize the usefulness of the fruit. From coconut water, chips and bars to coconut vinegar and coconut nectar, we developed “The Coconut Initiative”, a global community connecting people through love of coconuts and conservation efforts. Inspired by our favourite fruits, the mini but mighty coconut, we’re working to make the world a healthier and more sustainable place, one purchase at a time.

Through careful sourcing of the finest coconuts from Southeast Asia, Buddha Brands believes that health and balance extend to the planet itself, which is why 1% of annual sales are donated to environmental and sustainable charities through 1% for the Planet.

Hungry Buddha is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.