Liviva Foods: Bean Pasta & Shirataki Pasta


Our Organic Black Bean Spaghetti is packed with high-quality plant-based protein, high in fiber, with no additives or preservatives. Hand crafted for the best taste, our bean pastas are made with only organic, non-GMO black beans and water. LIVIVA Organic Black Bean Spaghetti makes a great addition to any diet!

Our Organic Edamame Spaghetti is packed with high-quality plant-based protein, high in fiber, with no additives or preservatives. You’ll enjoy deliciousness in every bite with our artisan-crafted pastas. Made with only organic, non-GMO beans and water, LIVIVA Organic Edamame Spaghetti will be a tasty addition to your next meal.

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About Us

LIVIVA was started in 2003 by a health-conscious mother, Laura, who was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. Given only one option – insulin shots – Laura went looking for a better solution that would be both all-natural and healthier. By adopting a diet low in carbohydrates and ketogenics, Laura was able to continually lower her blood sugar levels without medication.

Through this personal journey, LIVIVA was born, with a mission to provide healthy plant-based foods, rich in nutrients and lower in carbohydrates compared to traditional pasta. Whether you’re a keto enthusiast, diabetic, weight-conscious, or simply want to enjoy good food that is good for you – LIVIVA has you covered!

Liviva’s 100% organic pastas are made to help you reach your health goals without having to change the lifestyle you know and love.

Liviva Mission

To help you live a healthy life, without changing your lifestyle, by providing wholesome plant-based pasta alternatives. At LIVIVA, healthy food is delicious, accessible, and affordable.

Healthy eating shouldn’t be hard to do. You can eat great meals, that seamlessly fit in your lifestyle – without spending hours in the kitchen. That’s why people turn to our 100% organic pastas that are easy to prepare and taste great in any pasta dish.

At LIVIVA, we use the very best, all-natural ingredients to create pastas that require minimal preparation and cook time, letting you create delicious meals in minutes. Our Bean Pastas and Shirataki Pastas are low in carbs, making them perfect for any diet.

All of our natural and high-quality ingredients are expertly sourced from their natural environments. The beans for our bean pastas and konjac root for our Shirataki pastas are carefully washed and thoroughly dried.

At LIVIVA, providing you with healthy, high-quality foods that fit your lifestyle is our top priority. That’s why we perform routine quality assurance checks to confirm that our pastas are well made and delivered to you fresh.

LIVIVA Foods is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.





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