PRE Brands

PRE Brands

Our Taste Standard™

You have high expectations and so does PRE®. Every cut of PRE® is evaluated by a proprietary list of criteria to ensure that you are getting a superior quality of beef worth your money. PRE® is dedicated to providing you the most delicious & premium beef, every time. The proof is in the package.

Our Taste Standardis built on four key areas:

The Best Environments

Similar to wine, the best grass fed beef requires the best grass, nutrient rich soil and the best environmental conditions. We find countries with the best environmental conditions, like rainfall and pasture quality, that allow them to grow the healthiest, nutrient dense grass year-round.

We currently source from Australia and New Zealand and are continuously evaluating other regions for future sourcing.

The Right Animals

Quality beef comes from healthy animals that have been pasture raised and properly cared for, every step of the way. PRE® uses the best breeds of cattle, Angus & Hereford, and the best classes to provide a quality eating experience.

Relentless Consistency

We are selective with every cut so you don’t have to be. Each package of PRE® equals tender, delicious, clean beef that is simple for you to cook. Each cut of PRE® is a consistent weight and thickness to bring you simple preparation and cooking times.

Sealed for Freshness

When you have high quality standards, you don’t need chemicals. Our packaging is vacuum sealed and 100% BPA free. Unlike many products in the market, no chemicals are used to artificially color our beef or to extend shelf life.

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Keto Certified PRE Brands

The Best Taste, The Highest Quality, Packaged Just for You

All PRE Brands products are Grass fed & finished, no added antibiotics, no added hormones and 100% Pasture raised.

It Started With A Steak

One eaten in Australia to be exact – and more flavorful and tender than any we’d had back home. This steak sparked a realization: that as carnivores, we want beef that not only tastes better, but that we can feel better about eating.

We Believe in Transparency

So we founded a company to deliver just that – offering the best-tasting, highest-quality beef in the world – with absolute transparency from pasture to package to plate. All of our beef is grass-fed and grass-finished from Australia and New Zealand, where nutrient-rich grasses grow year-round, because region, soil, and climate matter. Plus, they have some of the strictest standards. All our beef is cut, trimmed or ground in Chicago.

We Do Things Differently

We think about beef differently, so we approach beef differently. We believe in respecting your taste, your health and your time. So, we never add hormones. We never add antibiotics. Absolutely no GMOs. Our packaging is vacuum sealed, free of synthetic chemicals and 100% BPA free. We believe organic isn’t a label, it is a lifestyle, and we treat animals with respect.

We believe that, when chosen with integrity and care, food naturally tastes great. And that nature, not technology, should be responsible for what’s on our plates. That means no added hormones or antibiotics. And we work only with farms that raise animals in ethical, natural environments.

We’re Just Geeks Deeply In Love With The Little Details That Go Into Making Food Amazing

Pre Brands mission is to give people back the trust, confidence and permission they desire to have their ideal eating experience – one that combines taste, health and transparency, every time.

PRE Brands is Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation.