REP Provisions: KETO Lifestyle Foods


REP Provisions creates Paleo & Keto Lifestyle foods based on a verified regenerative agriculture platform.

We believe that healthy lands lead to healthy lives, and that taste, nutrition, and convenience shouldn’t be a compromise.


About REP Provisions

REP Provisions is founded by Athletes, Ranchers, Culinary Craftsmen, and Conservationists who have a passion to regenerate our broken ecosystems. Our team is a partnership between two Savory Institute Hub Ranches and Accredited Professionals who train and provide the tools necessary for land managers to begin restoring their lands. We live and breath this passion everyday, and believe that neither our families or each other should have to compromise our principles in order to participate as a consumer. We set out to create the most culinary forward, nutritious, and convenient food possible that fit our lifestyle, and that we could verify was coming from regenerating land.

Ecologically verified ranches committed to healing ecosystems

We partnered with the Savory Institute to Ecologically Verify that our ranches (and ranches we source from) are regenerating the soils, sequestering carbon, and restoring biodiversity over time. The Savory Institute’s Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) program is the only program that monitors outcomes on the land over time so that we know that we’re truly having a regenerative impact.

A Future Worth Preserving

Together, we’re moving forward and learning from the past. We all have the opportunity to rebuild our ecosystems and rural communities with choices we make on a daily basis. Here and now, we can do this and PRESERVE a future where our families thrive for generations. A future where ecosystems are vibrant, soils are highly productive, and waterways are clear and free flowing. A future working alongside rural communities who have led the way to proper land stewardship. This is a future that is within our grasp. This is the future that we aim to achieve and why we exist.


REP Provisions products have been KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.