SOS Hydration

SOS Hydration

The Research

Using the best in medical science, SOS is engineered by a leading doctor, two former elite athletes, and a retired military officer with the purpose of combatting dehydration in order to improve overall human performance.

Third Party Research

SOS is based on, and falls within the ranges set out by the World Health Organization Oral Rehydration Solution Guidelines. These guidelines are supported by over 50 years research into dehydration. The following articles delve deeper into the effectiveness of these Oral Rehydration Solutions and our specific formula and support our claims through world class and independent research.


Proper Hydration

When you’re sweating from exercise, traveling or recovering, you are most likely dehydrated. SOS Hydration helps you rehydrate 3x faster than water alone.

  • Medically Developed Formula Equal To The Hydration Of An IV Drip.
  • 3x More Electrolytes, 6x Less Sugar, and 6x Less Calories Than Competing Brands For More Effective Fluid Absorption and No GI Distress.
  • Scientifically Tested – Independently Tested and Backed By Research.
  • Absorb 3x More Water Than Water Alone.
  • Non-gmo premium ingredients – no fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • 5 Great Tasting Flavors – A Unique Feature Among Electrolyte Replacement Products.
  • Use To Improve Sport Performance and/or Fight Fatigue From Work, Travel, Illness, or Partying

KETO Certified SOS Hydration Flavors:

Berry, Mango, Watermelon, Citrus, Coconut


If you’re working hard then replacing electrolytes is important. Electrolytes are what make sweat salty; if you lose too many your neural system won’t function properly. This can lead to problems with your heart, blood pressure and breathing.

Drink about 500mL of water with 1 or 2 sachets/scoops of SOS for optimal hydration and balance of electrolytes for recovery.

Daily Use & At Work

While asleep we can lose over 1kg (2.2lbs) of water-weight through respiration and sweating, so SOS in a glass of water will help kick-start your morning.

Dehydration is the number one cause of daytime fatigue. Adding SOS to your water throughout the day will combat the drying effects of air-conditioning and makes it easier to get in your 8-cups of water!


Ever wondered why the headache and dry-mouth from being dehydrated feels a bit like being hungover? Alcohol is diuretic, which makes dehydration one of the contributors to a hangover.

SOS in a glass of water next to the bed for first thing in the morning will absorb rapidly to replace the electrolytes lost from increased urine production and help with a dry-mouth.

SOS Hydration is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation