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Maison Orphee

Our Know-How

Maison Orphee products are only made with the highest quality fruits and seeds. We don’t compromise on quality. And we don’t compromise on the care in our methods either. In the tradition of authentic master oil makers, all of our oils are the result of the patient work of slow pressing, the only way to extract the best from oil seeds.


Who We Are

Our knowledge begins with the careful selection of our raw materials. We value quality in our products and, to ensure this, we perform several tests regarding GMOs, yeasts and molds. In addition, the cleanliness of our equipment, the training of our teams and the temperature control during oil production contribute to our quality workmanship.

Our Quebec-made oils are cold-pressed. This process implies no preheating. The pressing of the seeds is done at a temperature which varies according to the oil content in the seeds and the hardness of the seeds. In addition, it is carried out at low speed. Indeed, using a higher speed would put too much pressure and would cause heat, and therefore a lower quality oil. It is patient work carried out in the way of the greatest oil masters. Maison Orphée integrates methods of artisanal oil maker and new production techniques into its processes.

La Maison Orphee has over 30 years of expertise in the production of first cold-pressed oils. In addition, we have been working in collaboration with producers in Europe and North and South America. We visit them on a regular basis in order to exchange information and expertise. We also build privileged relationships with nutritionists, scientists, chefs, chemists and biologists in order to improve our knowledge and offer products that meet our highest standards.

Maison Orphee is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.

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