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Newman’s Own

It’s always a privilege to share the Newman’s Own story

Our history, who we are, what we do, and the values that have guided us since our founding. The “we” in the story includes Newman’s Own, Inc., a food and beverage company founded in 1982, and its sole owner, the Newman’s Own Foundation, an IRS-recognized charitable corporation, which carries on Paul Newman’s commitment to use all the money it receives (royalties and profits) from the sale of Newman’s Own products for charitable purposes.



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Newman’s Own

Our Mission

Our “100% of Profits to Charity” commitment is one of two founding values upon which Newman’s Own is built (the other being “Quality Will Always Trump the Bottom Line”). It’s a very important part of our story, it’s in our DNA, it’s why we exist, it motivates all of us, and it’s the true heart of Newman’s Own.

We are proud of this commitment and want to be clear and unambiguous about what we mean when we say “100% of Profits to Charity.” It’s not something we just thought up to boost sales, it’s not a play on words, and one shouldn’t need an accounting degree to understand it. We have been doing it for over 35 years, and as of 2019, have donated over $550 million to thousands of deserving organizations around the world.


Newman’s Own is KETO Certified, by the Paleo Foundation

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