Oakhouse Bakery

Oakhouse Bakery

Their mission is to produce quality bakery products cost effectively in an environment that is safe, clean and friendly for their employees and community.

Oakhouse Bakery lies in a 25,000 square foot production facility which was completely retrofitted in 2010. Climate controlled production area, modern equipment, and segregated ingredient storage areas were all added to ensure only the highest quality products were leaving their doors. Oakhouse Bakery has also made the commitment of providing healthy, whole wheat, and gluten free breads and granola.



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Oakhouse Bakery

Our Mission

Oakhouse Bakery was established in 1981 as a cookie company using old family recipes. In 1984 Oakhouse became a full line bakery making over 200 different products that were delivered to Madison and the surrounding communities. In 1994 Oakhouse moved to its current 25,000 square foot production facility where it furthered its capabilities as a wholesale bakery.

In 2010 Oakhouse Bakery was acquired by the Ehlen and Harlan families. Today they continue to bake and distribute a full line of products throughout southern Wisconsin. After earning SQF certification in 2013, Oakhouse began to contract manufacture products that are currently distributed on a national level. Whether they are making baked goods for a major corporation, or the coffee shop down the street, their commitment to quality and customer service remains the same. At Oakhouse Bakery they are proud of where they came from, but even more excited about where they are going.


Oakhouse Bakery is KETO Certified, by the Paleo Foundation

Oakhouse Bakery Logo - KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation